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Concept Vocabulary

Exam Study Guide

Evidence Available facts or true information available to prove an author’s statements. Proof, confirmation
Credible Where evidence is reasonable, or an author or their statement is believable. Believable, tenable
Valid A factual argument. Well-founded, sound, effective, logical
Formulate Create an arguement or proposal. Build, state definitely, develop
Logical Based on reason or sound judgement. Reasonable, rational, valid
Desperate Driven to action by loss of hope. Hopeless, grave, serious
Entranced In a state of wonder or amazement. Enchant, bewitch
Hallucination Something perceived that has no reality. Illusion, delusion, fantasy
Premonition Feeling that something bad will happen. Suspicion, intuition
Profound Very great or intense Intense, deep
Meditative Considered thought, extended thought Introspective, aware
Burden Something that is carried with difficulty or obligation. Anxiety, strain, concern
Culpability Guilt or blame that is deserved, blameworthy. Fault, responsibility, blame.
Conscience Inner sense of what is morally right or wrong in one’s actions. Morals, principles
Remorse Deep sense of regret for having done wrong. Guilt, pity
Entrusted Given the responsibility of doing something or caring for someone or something. Allocate, assign
Empathic Characterized by empathy, ability to identify with feelings or thoughts of others. Compassionate, sensitive
Irresolvable Impossible to resolve or settle. Indecipherable, difficult
Predatory Living by capturing and feeding on other animals. Carnivorous, hunting
Adversary An opponent in a contest, the enemy. Enemy, hostile, opponent.
Physiology All functions and activities of living things and their parts. Analysis, biology
Mortality Condition of being sure to die sometime. Fatality, bloodshed
Reincarnation Belief that the soul appears after death in another bodily form. Transmigration, resurrection
Plundered Took something by force. Loot, devastate
Fugitives Group of persons who have run away from danger. Escapee, refugee, runaway
Avenged Get revenge for. Vindicate, revenge
Dispatched Finished something quickly. Accelerate, speed
Ventured Tried something dangerous. Adventured, chanced
Tactics Military procedures. Maneuver, campaign
Craft Activity that requires skill. Art, technique
Dissemble Put on an appearance or disguise. Cloak, conceal
Incredulity To have doubt. Unbelief, doubt
Bemusing To be confused, something that is confusing. Bewilder, perplex
Guise Outward appearance. Form, shape
Deceived Lied to. Baited, bamboozled, lied to
Created by: NeilEvans1