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chpt 14 vocab-hocc

Progression from start (birth) to finish (death) Continuum
Any cell formed by the coming together of two reproductive (sex) cells Zygote
Pertaining to the period of life between childhood and maturity Adolescent
Period of 10 years Decade
different in kind; unlike Heterogeneous
Changing to work better Adaptation
Result when a nerve is stimulated and an involuntary action occurs Reflexes
Body’s strength or energy Stamina
Surroundings we live in. Environmental disease can occur in any area around us Environment
A number of symptoms occurring together Syndrome
Existing at or before birth usually through heredity as a disorder Congenital Conditions
Causing weakness or impairment Debilitating
Pertaining to the nervous system Neurological
state of poisoning or becoming poisoned Intoxication
Passed from parent to child Hereditary
Impaired or abnormal functioning Dysfunction
Shortage Deficiency
Deep sleep; unconscious for a long time Coma
Removal of a body part Amputation
Limited in contact with others Isolated
About to happen Impending
Theory; a general principle used for a specific purpose Philosophy
“Mercy killing” the act of ending the life of an individual suffering from terminal illness or an incurable condition Euthanasia
Able to sustain life; capable of living Viable
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