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European History ID quiz 2

Ancien Regime "Early modern period"; just faced 100 years war, climate change, black plague, and peasant rebellions. Begins with the creation of more powerful states. France & England are more centralized. "reconquest" on Spain.
Flagellants A "movement" during the plague which individuals beat themselves with whips in hopes of appeasing the wrath of god, which was believed to be the reason for the plague
Jacquerie a french peasant revolt around the countryside of Paris which included the rise against lords in a an orgy of rape,murder,arson. Took place when government were weak by factionalism and military defeat. Caused by lack of nobles to protect french assaults
Serfdom Peaked in middle ages; slave-like system where peasants were kept poor by manor lords, during middle ages most were forced by consequence of plague on land owners needing unpaid laborers.
Battle of Crecy 1346 most famous english victory in 100 years war, the first phase. Showed how england even with a less population had a more effective political system in mobilizing a war effort and had an influx of tax money.
Great Schism 40yr period where church ruled by a total of 3 popes which divided Europe based on each territories recognition of a different type. Ended at council of Constance where a single pope was elected bringing europe toether and declared the authority of church
Conversos 1482 Jews in particular forced to convert to catholic faith or be kicked out of territory of spain. Those who converted were known as conversos; "Reconquest of spain"
Sacraments baptism, marriage, confession, mass, tc. All rituals that conveyed grace of god to beleivers. Medevial piety revolved around them. Led to foundation of other religous practices such as pilgrimage and figures like saints
Lollards political movement in enlgand by John Wyclif said church and sacraments corrupt. Started own religious movement w/ english translation of bible established patterns that would later be seen in protestant movement; lollard faith failed
Giatto famous painter; led to italian renaissance painting; brought humanity to religious paintings; first to use 3d painting space; most lifelike pics of time
Silk Road trade routes known for silk and other goods that conected europe, africa, and the mediterranean world with asia.
Millet System Confessional community in ottoman empire legally protected religious minority groups and established a smaller government which had own laws and taxe
Battle of Lepanto Venetian forces beat Ottoman allowing for venetian control over mediterranean. Historically showed increasing growth of naval forces
Created by: breakerstcu