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Green Vocabulary II

Green Vocab for College Bound - Lessons 4 & 5

anonymity (n) the condition of being anonymous; unknown The problem with being a celebrity is that you relinquish your anonymity.
bibliophile (n) one who loves books (ant - bibliophobe) Because he was a bibliophile, you could always find him in the library.
ebb (v) to flow or fall back, as the tide does; recede (ant - increase, swell) As the day progressed, the tide ebbed.
effervescent (adj) high-spirited; bubbly, lively; vivacious (ant - saddened, sober) Meeting her again left Max in an effervescent mood.
elusive (adj) tending to avoid; hard to capture The elusive criminal was finally apprehended after the largest manhunt in the state's history.
nemesis (n) anyone or anything which seems to be the cause of someone's downfall or defeat; rival Fred dreaded that evening's match because he was wrestling a nemesis who had beaten him in every one of their last five matches.
nepotism (n) favoritism shown by people in high places to relatives or close friends. Matt had to be careful about hiring his nephew because he knew that the charge of nepotism would be made.
nonchalant (adj) carefree and casually unconcerned or seeming so; blase (ant - concerned, excitable) In an effort to appear nonchalant, he faked a yawn.
solicitude (n) the state of showing care or concern (ant - unconcerned, indifference) If you had shown as much solicitude when your mother was sick, she might still be alive.
antagonism (n) the state of being opposed or hostile to another; hostility (ant - friendliness, amity) Ralph's antagonism made it difficult for him to get along with the group.
ardent (adj) warm or intense in feeling; passionate, fervent, zealous (ant - cool, apathetic) Although Tom was an ardent admirer, Sue knew he would never ask her to marry him.
arid (adj) having little or no rainfall; very dry; parched (ant - wet, lush, verdant) They moved to Arizona because the arid weather was good for his lungs.
assuage (v) to make less burdensome or less painful; to ease, relieve; mitigate (ant - aggravate, exacerbate) The purpose of a funeral is to assuage the grief of the loved ones still alive.
embellish (v) to decorate or improve by adding details; dress up, enhance (ant - simplify) Henry so embellished the stories of his vacation that no one believed he had actually left home.
engender (v) to give rise to; to cause; to bring about; beget, generate (ant - terminate, kill) His obnoxious behavior engendered hostility in his classmates.
enigma (n) someone or something that his hard to figure out; a mystery, puzzle, riddle The Riddle of the Sphinx is not the greatest enigma of all.
menagerie (n) a collection of animals that people can view With the rabbit pens, dog runs, and snake cages, his barn was a real menagerie.
nostalgia (n) a bittersweet longing for the things of the past He was overcome with nostalgia when the gang sang his college alma mater.
obliterate (v) to do away with completely; to destroy, eradicate (ant - preserve) To obliterate all signs and any memory of the town, the Nazis bulldozed every building to the ground and covered the wreckage with tons of earth.
animosity (n) hatred or hostility that is shown openly; ill will (ant - amiability) Jack's animosity toward foreigners made his girlfriend uncomfortable.
Created by: Karina Geneva
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