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Med Terms and Skin Disorders

Dermat/o, Derm, Derma Skin
Cutane Skin
Myc/o Fungus
Rhytid/o Wrinkles
Onchy/o Nail
Xer/o Dry
Cry/o Cold
Scler/o/a Hardening
Leuk/o White
Melan/o Black
Eryth/o Red
Oma Tumor
Ectomy Excision or surgical removal
Itis Inflammation
Osis Abnormal condition
Plasty Surgical repair
Impetigo Contagious staph infection
Acne Vulgaris Increased production of sebum (sweat)
Tinea Fungus
Warts Caused by HPV
Scabies Infection of itch mites
Psoriasis Silvery/white patches on the skin
Cellulitis Infection under the skin
Alopecia Hair loss
Vitiligo Autoimmune destruction of melanocytes
Hirsutism Abnormal hair growth
Heroes Zoster Virus that causes chicken pox, shingles, red pustules, pain and irritation
Eczema Atopic dermatitis
Furuncle Skin boil
Rosacea Red patches on the skin
Urticaria Hives
Albinism Lack of pigment in skin, hair, eye *genetic
Pediculosis Infection of lice
Fissure Cracks in the skin
Abcess Puss under skin
Decubitus Ulcer Bed sores
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