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Euro Civ week 1

What ultimately ended the Fronde in France in the 1650s? The nobles were not unified in their attack against royal strongholds
What were causes of the plagues that swept through Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries? Poor sanitation, overcrowding in cities, no understanding of disease, and rats carried fleas infected with the Bubonic Plague
What happened in towns and cities as a result of the constant crop failures during the seventeenth century? Rising food prices created hardship for poor and middling folk
What event ended the English Civil War? The trial and execution of King Charles I in 1649
What was the significance of the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648? It recognized that different religions could coexist within the Empire
What were two effect of the Thirty Years' War? German states remained fragmented for over two hundred years and the population of Central Europe was decimated
Why did King Louis XIV revoke the Edict of Nantes? He wanted to further demonstrate his absolute authority by enforcing Catholicism for all of France
How can you combine study stack cards from other people? When you get to the study stack page choose the edit icon.
Where does most of our information concerning how old people lived and at what age they got married came from? Church documents
In medieval times what was the most common explanation for natural disasters or events? God's intervention because of a person's bad deeds.
Were did people most commonly look for answers to questions about their daily lives? The bible, Scholastic theology and the Ancients, is where people searched for answers.
What is heliocentric? The sun is positioned in the center of the universe.
How did Francis Bacon change how we view the scientific world? He described a method of systematically discovering information about the world. He also helped science become respectable and worth peoples time.
What is tabula rasa? Tabula rasa is the idea that people are born as blank slates and are molded by their experiences.
How did tabula rasa effect peoples' world view? This questioned the idea that all people are born evil. Also it showed that parenting and education are important aspects of a persons' live and effect them latter on. It also showed that people born to a higher status were not better than anyone else
Describe the process of scientific revolution. People begin to ask questions, discoveries challenge the accepted world view, then someone brings together all the pieces in to a new world view.
Created by: collette