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CrAzY- EuRo-volume 1

chap nine-late middle ages

Black Death A disease broughtover by seaborne rats that took 40% of europes population.(early fifteenth century
Jews scapegoats for the plague and were persecuted
The hundred years war 1337-1453-started when english king Edward III claimed the french throne. The war went back and forth claiming each others throne and there lands.
Estate General a representative council of towns people, clergy, and nobles. They levied taxes and some exploited the king's plight to broaded their own regional sovereignty, thereby deepening territorial divisions.
Jacquerie several regions in series of bloody rebellions- named after jacques bonhomme.
plentitude of power a doctrine of papal that elaborated on by Innocent.
benefices church offices granted by the ruler of the state or the pope to an individual. It also meant fief in the Middle ages.
clericis laicos forbade lay taxation of the clergy without papal approval and revoked all previous papal dispensation- issued by Boniface.
Unam Sanctam declared that temporal authority was subject to the spiritual power of the church.
indulgences pardon or unrepented sins- purchased for the payment of sins.
defender of peace depicted the pope as a subordinate member of society over which the emperor ruled supreme and in which temporal peace was the highest.
Created by: runnerchick045