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Western Heritage 9

Flashcards for Mrs. Gilstraps AP Euro Class

Black Death A disease that spread through Europe through trade route and spread through fleas on rats. This disease killed about 40% of the population.
Taille A French tax directly on the peasantry
Jacquerie A French peasant revolt in 1358 caused by the taille (tax) put on the peasantry. The revolt was quickly put down by the nobility, but it was the first major revolt and was the precursor to many later revolts.
Estates General The French representitive body comprised of townspeople, clergy, and nobles. Each class got one vote, but the nobles and clergy always got what they wanted because they voted together.
The Hundred Years War Between England and France 1337-1453.English king claimed throne. Political and economic competitions and general dislike.
Edward III English king that made the claim to French throne and started the 100 years war.
Treaty of Troyes Treaty betwen England and France. Disinherited true French heir and made Henry the V the heir of the French throne.
Joan of Arc French military leader. Help the French begin to win again. Inspired national pride and self esteem to help the French army.
The Great Schism