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gilstra latemiddle a

late middle ages social and political breakdown

Why did the Black Plague occur? Result of decades of overpopulation, economic depression, famine, and bad health and hygiene.
Why was it named the Black Death? The body became discolored.
Where was the Black Plague believed to be introduced? By rats and fleas from the Black Sea.
Who were sought as scapegoats for the plague epidemic? The Jews were persecuted.
What were some remedies againstt the plague? Leeches were used, flagellants believed they could beat themselves to bring about divine intervention.
What was a social result of the plague involving the work place? Farm laborers decreased and the number of skilled artisans increased.
Who/what prospered from the effects of the plague? Cities and skilled industries, and the power of trade guilds and artisans grew.
Why did the HYW begin and when? 1337-1453. Began when the English king Edward III claimed right to the French throne after the death of Charles IV. The fact the England and France had close territorial proximities and they had quarrels over the rights to Flanders made the dispute worse.
Who won the HYW and why? English won because of military superiority and use of weaponry like the longbow.
Why made the losing team...losers? French weakness was due to territorial infighting and lack of leadership.
What were some significant vistories for the British in the HYW? Battles of Crecy(1346), Poiters (1356), and Agincourt (1415).
What happend in 1360 that signified some peace between England and France? The Peace of Bretigny recognized English holdings in France if king Edward III renounced his claim to the French throne.
Who was Joan of Arc and what victory did she give the French? She was a peasant from Domremy who heard voices of God. She led French to victory in the Battle of Orleans.
Who was Pope Innocent III? He transformed the church into secular power, creating papal monarchy with political mission.
Who was Pope Urban IV? He continued the seclarization of the church by establishing its own law court (Rota Romana). The college of cardinals became politicized.
What was the Rota Romana? The law court Pope Urban created for the church.
Who was Pope Boniface VIII? He wouldn't allow the clergy to be taxed by France or England. He issued the Clericis laicos which forbade the taxation of the clergy without papal approval. Issued bull Unam Sanctum which said that temporal authority was subject to power of the church.
Who moved the papcy to Avignon? Pope Clement V moved papcy to Avignon to avoid French king and Rome.
What was the time in Avignon reffered to? The "Babylonian Captivity".
Who was Pope John XXII? Tried to restore papcy to Rome.
What did William of Ockham and Marsilius of Padua do? They protested Papal power.
What did John Wycliffe and John Huss do? They led popular lay movements the Lollards and the Hussites who protested rights of the papacy.
What caused the Great Schism? Occured when Pope Clement VII was elected by a council of cardinals 5 months after they had elected an IOtalian arcg bishop(Pope Urban VI).
Created by: organiccheesenip