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jody chapter 10 AP

AP Euro vocab for Chapter 10

What was the Treaty of Lodi? It was a fragile alliance between the city-states of Naples, Milan, and Florence, against their rivals, Venice and the Papal States
Who was Cosmo de' Medici? He was a wealthy Florentine who manipulated elections and influnced the local council.
Who was Cosmo de' Medici's grandson? Lorenzo the magnificent.
What type of rule did Lorenzo the magnificent have? a totalitarian rule
Who was exiled after giving Pisa and other Florentine possesions over to King Charles VIII of France? Piero de' Medici
Which family came to rule in Milan in 1278? The Visconti family.
Which family took Milan over in 1450? The Sforza family.
Who created the League of Venice? Ferdinand of Aragon.
What was the League of Venice? It was a counter-alliance designed to protect Venice, Milan, and the Papal states, and Emperor Maximillion I from France.
Who was Girolamo Savonarola? A radical Dominican monk.
What did Girolamo S. do to Piero de' Medici? He convinced a mob of Florentines to exile Piero de' Medici. He also claimed that France's vitory was divine justice. He later ruled Florence and then was exiled.
Which city-state was ruled by a merchant oligarchy? Venice
Created by: JodyT