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KVS Chap. 9 AP

AP Euro vocab for Chapter 9

What helped the Black Death(Bubonic Plague)spread throughout Europe? The Black Death was a result of decades of overpopulation, economic depression,famine, and bad health and hygiene.
Why was the bubonic plague named the Black Death, and how did come to Europe? The Black Death was named for the discoloration of the body. It came to Europe by seaborne rats from the Black sea area.
What percentage of Europe was killed by the Black Death? 40% or 2/5 of the population
What were some remdies to the Black Death? The use of leeches was quite popular. Flagellants believed that beating themselves until they bled would bring about divine intervention and would end the plague.
What were some economic effects of the Black Death? Farm laborers decreased, but the number of skilled artisand increased. Because of this, the economic power of trade guilds and artisans grew. Cities and skilled industries prospered, which created a need for more expensive goods.
What were some political effects of the Black Death? Peasants rebelled against efforts by the govn't to limit their wages (Statute of Laborers). This spurred the English peasants' revolt of 1381 and the French peasants' revolt known as the Jacquerie.
How did the Hundred Years' War begin? It began when the English king Edward III claimed his right to the French throne after the death of Charles IV. The territoial proximity of England and France and their quarrel over rights to Flanders only aggravated the situation more.
Why were the English successful during the war? Why were the French unsuccessful in the war? English success was due to its military superiority and its use of weaponry like the longbow. French weakness was due to territorial infighting and a lack of leadership.
What were some significant victories for England? The battles of Crecy (1346), Poitiers (1356), and Agincourt (1415)
What did the Peace of Bretigny (1360) do? It recognized English holdings in Frnace, in exchange for Edward III renouncing his claim to the French throne.
Created by: kvsteverson