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Second A&P Review

Type of muscle tissue that contracts voluntarily Skeletal
Substan released from axial terminal vesicles upon stimulation Neurotransmitters
Type of tissue surrounded by extracellular matrix Connective
Type of membrane that surrounds a fascicle Perimysium
Bones of the skull and ribs are this shape Flat bones
The shin bone Tibia
Attach muscle to bone Tendons
Bones of the carpals, tarsals and patella are this shape Short
When a muscle contracts it gets Shorter
Whistling muscle Buccinator
Large flat muscle of the lower back Latissimus Dorsi
Neurotransmitter for skeletal muscle contraction Acetolchrine
One of the muscles that closes the jaw Masseter
Tissue that can be simple or stratified that makes up glands Epithelial
Anatomical name for the bellybutton region Umbilical
Anatomical name for knee cap Patella
Where axon terminals and sarcolemma join together Neuromuscular junction
Muscle that controls the movement of the mouth and lips Orbiculoris Oris
Name of the portion of the skeletal system that includes bones of the limbs Appendicular skeleton
Muscles that adduct the thigh Adductor
Major muscle of the chest Pectoralis major
Muscles that flex the knee Hamstring
Anatomical name for the groin region Insuinal
Calf muscle Gastrocnemius
Anatomical name for ankle region Tarsal
The thigh bone Femur
During the crossbrigde cycle myosin attaches to the binding site on Actin
The lateral bone in the lower leg Fibula
Muscles that extend the knee Quadriceps
Contractile between two Z discs Sacromere
Anatom name for the eye region Orbital
Anatomical name for armpit region Axillary
Outer layer of muscle tissue Epimysium
Anatomical name for hip region Coxal
Attach bones to bone Ligament
States that actin and myosin filaments slide past each other causing the muscle to shorten Sliding filament theory
Moving away from the midline Abducting
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