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Anatomy study guide

The ovary is part of this body system Reproductive
Type of gland that produces sweat Sudoriferous
The type of feedback that increases the initial stimuli Positive
Second stage of mitosis Metaphase
Anatomical name for the heel bone Calcaneous
Another name for the brain in the reflex arc Control center
The last two pairs of ribs (11&12) are called Floating ribs
Study of body structures Anatomy
Name of the first vertebrae Atlas
What physicians use to estimate water loss in burns Rules of nine
Skin layer found only on the palms of your hand and your feet Stratum Lucidum
First threat to life after a 3rd degree burn Dehydration
Deepest layer of the skin Reticular layer
Anatomical name for the posterior region to the knee Popliteal
When describing relationships in the body we reference it in Anatomical position
Bone, blood, cartilage and adipose are all examples of this type of tissue Connective
Type of tissue that is not striated and is involuntary and spindle shaped Smooth muscle
Type of tissue that conducts electrical pulses Nervous
Anatomical name for posterior aspect of the head Occipital
Round or oval opening in the head Markings
Body system that takes in oxygen and releases it Respiratory
The bone shape of the vetebrae is Irregular
Anatomical name for eye region Orbital
Anatomical name for wrist region Carpal
Type of gland that produces oil Sebaceous
Anatomical name for the buttock region Gluteus
Anatomical name for fingers and toes Phalanges
Body system that allows you to move and produces body heat through contraction Muscle
Anatomical name for upper arm Brachial
The only dry membrane is Cutaneous
Only bone that doesn’t articulate with any other Hyoid
Shape of a bone when it is longer than it is wide Long bone
Type of tissue that is striated and involuntary Cardiac muscle
Adipose tissue is usually called Fat
What is causing your skin to look tan in the sun Melanin
The study of the function of the body Physiology
Anatomical name for knee cap Patella
This protein waterproofs the skin Keratin
First stage of the cell cycle Interphase
Body system that picks up leaky fluid Lymphatic
Type of membrane found in your joint cavities Sasnouai
Body system that controls the body through hormones Endrocrine
Contains the skull, ribs, sternum, and vertebrae Axial skeleton
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