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Ch.5 HIT

Medical words

Physician Diagnose and treat illnesses; responsible for the overall supervision of the provision of health care
Nurse Responsible for provision of bedside care & patient supervision includeing nursing evulation, medication adminstration and discharge planning
LPN Responsible for nursing duties that do not require professional level skills, provide major portion of beside care in both hospitals and long term care facilities
Nurse Anesthetist A BSN with additional training and education in the adminstration and monitoring of anesthetics
Nurse Practitioner A BSN with additional training & education in patient screening & treatment
Physical Therapist Plan and carry out therapeutic programs of excerise and muscle stimulation to increase level of function and lessen pain form ilness or injury
Occupational Therapist Teach adaptive techniques for activities of daily living, develop activities, adaptive utensils, etc.
Recreational Therapist Plan and provide treatment programs, leisure education and recreational programs for indivduals with physical, mental, emotional or developmental disabilities
Audiologist Evaluate hearing impairment, evalute patients for apporiate hearing assistance devices
Speech Pathologist Evaluate problems with speech, voice and language
Respiratory Therapist Perform diagnostic test and provide treatment to patients with diminstered heart and/or lung capacity
Social Worker Assist people in the context of their social setting, assist in dealing with problems such as poverty or isolation
Medical Social Worker Assist patients and their families cope with illnesses; in hospitals, often responsible for discharge planning, nursing home and home health referrals
Psychiatric Social Worker Provide counseling services and appropriate referrals to people with emotional, mental, or substance abuse problems
Medical Technologist Perform laboratory tests for the diagnosis and treatment of diesase
Laboartory Techinain Perform laboratory tests under the direction of a Medical Technologist
Cytoechnologist Work with specialized equipment uner the direction of a pathologist to detect cancer, hormonal abnormalities or other disease processes at the cellular level
Radiologic Technologist Use x-ray and other equipment to makeradiologic images of internal body structures
Nuclear Medicine Technologist Use radioactive materials in diagnostic imaging, particually cancer
Pharmacist Work with physicians and other health care providers to help treat patients with the right medications
Medical Transcripition Responsible for transcribing dictated medical information, such as discharge summaries, operative reports, etc.
Medical Secretary Performs a variety of secreatarial services in a medical setting
Registered Health Information Techinain Responisble for the techinal/managerial aspects health information managment
Registered Health Information Adminisrator Responsible fo rthe administrative/managerial aspects of health infomration management
Created by: Courtneey