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PCP3 Med Term Test


methylphenidate-concerta ADHD
Atomxetine-stattera ADHD
Adderall SR-Adderall SR ADHD
Alprazolam-Xanax Antianxiety-sedative-hypnotic. Benzo
Clonazepam- Klonopin, Rivotril Antiznxiety. Benzo
Lorazepam-Ativan Antianxiety-sedative-hypnotic. Benzo
Diazepam-Valium Antianxiety& for seizures. Benzo
Oxazepam- Serax Antianxiety-sedative-hypnotic. Benzo
Temazepam-Restoril Antianxiety-sedative-hypnotic. Benzo
Duloxetine-Cymbalta Antidepressant and antianxiety. SSNRI
Zolpidem- Ambien Sedative-hypnotic. Sleeping aid
Amoxicillin-amoxil antibiotic. penicillin
amoxicillin-augmentin Antibiotic. prenicillin &clavulanate
cephalexin-keflex antibiotic
sulfamethoxazole-septra antibiotic
trimethoprim-septra antibiotic
ciprofloxacin-cipro antibiotic
doxycycline-vibramycin antibiotic
levofloxacin-levaquin antibiotic
cefdinir-omnicef antibiotic
penicillin-penVK antibiotic
Gabapentic-neurontin antivonvulsant
clonazepam-klonopin,rivotril antivonvulsant
lorazepam-ativan anticonvulsant
diazepam-valium anticonvulsant
divalproex sodium- epival anticonvulsant
pregabalin-lyrica antivonculsant
phenytoin-dilantin anticonvulsant
carbamazepine-tegretol anticonvulsant
sertaline-zoloft antidepressant. SSRI
Escitalopram-lexapro antidepressant. SSRI
citalopram-celexa antidepressant. SSRI
Fluoxetine-prozac antidepressant. SSRI
venlafaxine- effexor antidepressant. SSRI
Paroxetine- paxil antidepressant. SSRI
trazodone-desyrel antidepressant
duloxetine-cymbalta antidepressant and antianxiety. SSNRI
Amitriptyline-elavil antidepressant. TCA, nasty to OD on, cardiac arrythmias
Nortriptymine-aventyl antidepressant. TCA, nasty to OD on, cardiac arrythmias
metformin-glucophage antidiabetic-oral
pioglitazone-actos antidiabetic-oral
glimepride-amaryl antidiabetic-oral
sitagliptin-januvia antidiabetic-oral
glyburide-diabeta antidiabetic-oral
insulin-novolin antidiabetic-injectable
insulin-lantus antidiabetic-injectable
insulin-humulin antidiabetic-injectable
Predinsone-sterapred anti-inflammant. steroid
methyl-prednisolone-medrol anti-inflammant. steroid
mometasone-nasonex anti-inflammant. nasal spray for allergies
promethazine-phenergan antinauseant (anti-emetic)
dimenhydrinate-gravol antinauseant
sildenafil-viagra, ravatio erectile dysfuntion-PD2-5. also used for pulmonary hypertension
tadalafil-cialis erectile dysfunction-PDE-5
Vardenafil-levitra, staxyn erectile dysfunction-PDE-5
ALBUTEROL salbutamol-ventolin respiratory-bronchodialator. Reliever-rapid beta-agonsist
terbutaline- bricanyl respiratory-bronchodilator. Reliever-rapid beta-agonist
formoterol-foradil, oxeze respiratory-bronchodilator. reliever-long acting beta-agonist
salmeterol-serevent respiratory-bronchodialator. reliever-long acting beta-agonsist
ipratropium bromide+salbutamol-atrovent respiratory-bronchodilator. reliever-anticholinergic and beta-agonist
triamcinolone-nasacort respiratory-corticosteroid. controller-nasal spray for allergies
budesonide-pulmicort respiratory-corticosteroid. controller
fluticasone- flonase, or flovent respiratory- corticosteroid. controller
budesonide+ formoterol-symbicort respiratory-corticosteroid. controller steroid with LABA
Fluticasone+salmeterol-advair respiratory-corticosteroid. controller steroid with LABA
montelukast-singulair respiratory-bronchdilator. asthma leukotrine inhibitor
dibigatran-pradaxa anti-coagulant. EFFECTS CANNOT BE REVERSED
Rivaroxaban-xarelto anti-coagulant. EFFECTS CANNOT BE REVERSED
apixaban-eliquis anti-coagulant. EFFECTS CANNOT BE REVERSED
warfarin-coumadin anti-coagulant. EFFECTS CAN be reversed with vit k.
Heparin-heparin anti-coagulant. EFFECTS CAN BE REVERSED
enoxaparin-lovenox anti-coagulant. EFFECTS CAN BE REVERSED
ASA-asprin platelet agg inhibitor
clopidogrel-plavic platelet agg inhibitor
ramipril-altace cardiac. ACE inhibitor
lisinopril-prinivil cardiac. ACE inhibitor
enalapril-vasotec cardiac. ACE inhibitor
captopril- captoten cardiac . ACE inhibitor
valsartan-diovan cardiac-anti-hypertesnion. ARB
candesartan-atacand cardiac-anti-hypertesion. ARB
losartan-cozaar cardiac-anti-hypertesion. ARB
Telmisartan-miscardis cardiac-anti-hypertesion. ARB
bisoprolol-zebeta cardiac. beta blocker
metoprolol-lopressor cardiac. beta blocker
atenolol- tenormin cardiac. beta blocker
propranolol-inderal cardiac. beta blocker
diltiazem- cardizem cardiac. CCB
nifedipine- adalat XL* cardiac. CCB
amlodipine-norvasc cardiac. CCB
clonidine-catapres cardiac. alpha receptor blocker
digoxin-lanoxin cardiac.CHF
isosorbide mononitrate- imdur cardiac. vasodilator-anti-anginal
clonidine-catapres cardiac-anti-hypertension
spironolactone-aldactone diuretic. spares potassium loss
triamterene c/w HCTZ- triazide diuretic. Spares potassium loss
triamterene- dyrenium diuretic
furosemide-lasix diuretic.powerful loop diuretic
hydrochlorothiazide "HCTZ"- microzide diuretic
atorvastatin-lipitor cholesterol lowering
pravastatin-pravachol cholesterol lowering
rosuvastatin-crestor cholesterol lowering
simvastatin-zocor cholesterol lowering
fenofibrate-lipidil cholesterol lowering
ezetimibe-zeltia cholesterol lowering
domperidone-motillum gi drug. helps to empty stomach, reducing reflux
pantaprazole-pantoloc gi drug. proton pump inhibitor
esomeprazole-nexium gi drug. proton pump inhibitor
omeprazole-losec gi drug. proton pump inhibitor
lansoprazole- prevacid gi drug. proton pump inhibitor
famotidine-pepcid gi drug. h2 receptor blocker
ranitidine-zantac gi drug. h2 receptor blocker
cimetedine- tagemet gi drug. h2 receptor blocker
clozapine- clozaril antipsychotics (schizophrenia). can be used for other things
olanzapine- zyprexa antipsychotics (schizophrenia). can be used for other things
loxapine- loxapac antipsychotics (schizophrenia). can be used for other things
quetiapine-seroquel antipsychotics. can be used for other things
chlorpromazine- largactil antiphsychotics
flupenazine- modecate antipsychotics
haloperidol- haldol antipsychotics
ziprasidone- zeldox antipsychotics
risperidone-risperdal antipsychotics
aripiprazole- abilify antipsychotics
hydrocodone- vicodin pain relief. narcotic
oxycodone-percocet pain relief. narcotic
propoxyphene-darvocet pain relief. narcotic
acetaminophen-codeine-caffeine- tylenol3 pain relief. narcotic
oxycodone-oxycontin pain relief. narcotic
tramadol- ultram or tramacet pain relief. targets opiod but non-narcotic
ibuprofen-advil or motrin pain relief-anti-inflammatory. NSAID
naproxen-aleve or naproxyn pain relief-anti-inflammatory. NSAID
celecoxib-celebrex pain relief-anti-inflammatory. NSAID. easy on stomach
ketoralac-torodol pain relief-anti-inflammatory. NSAID
diclofenac-arthrotec or voltaren pain relief-anti-inflammatory. NSAID
asa- asprin pain relief-anti-inflammatory. NSAID
meloxicam-mobicox pain relief-anti-inflammatory. NSAID
cyclobenzaprine-flexeril muscle relaxant
carisoprodol-soma muscle relaxant
allopurinol-zyloprim gu drug. anti kidney stones/anti-gout
tamsulosin-flomax gu drug. prostate relaxant
levothyroxine- synthroid or eitroxin hormone replacement. tyroid
estrogen-premarin hormone replacement
folic acid-folvite prevents and treats osteoporosis
cholecalciferol-fosavance prevents and treats osteoporosis
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