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Mid Term WH

world history mid term exam study

What is the northern plains region of India? It is where most of India's people have always lived
Scholars think the ancient Indus civilizations ended when? When invaders from central Asia overran the cities
Which of the following BEST describes the Hindu caste system? Individuals should seek to rise about their caste
Followers of Jainist faith hail who as the final Jina, or victor over samsara? Mahavira
The teachings of Buddha include People's purpose should be to attain nirvana. People's desire for pleasure actually causes pain. The way to escape life's cycle of pain is by seeking wisdom.
Brahmin Priestly caste
What were the names of the two ancient pre-Aryan Indian cities? Mohenjo-Daro Harappa
What are three characteristics of the city? Sewage systems Wide roads Two-story buildings
People who study the material remains of prehistoric people are called? Archaeologist
A map that shows the elevation of mountains and depths of oceans is? Physical map
A map that shows population or the climate of a region is? Thematic map
What was wide used during the Neolithic Age? Domestication of animals Irrigation Fire
Historical narratives and epic poetry were a further development of what major characteristic of civilization? Record keeping
Homo erectus First to leave Africa
Homo sapiens Has developed by 40,000 BCE
Homo habilis Ushered in the Paleolithic era
What map is best compromise of a two dimensional map of the globe? Robinson
What map do airline pilots prefer? Polar
What map do sailors prefer? Mercator
What map most accurately shows all the continents to scale? Goode
What map is most popularly used in textbooks and by the National Geographic Society? Robinson
What is the name of the city in which the Prime Meridian originates? Greenwitch
The age that the Bible has given earth 6021
What was the main crop produced along the Tigris and Euphrates river valley? Grains
What group ranked highest in Sumerian civilization? Priest
What groups gained most of its wealth by trade throughout the Mediterranean, including its colonies in northern Africa? Phoenicians
What groups were noted for the cruelty with which it treated conquered peoples? Assyrians
What ancient civilization is known for its belief in only one god was? Jews
What group controlled the Fertile Crescent has the largest empire? Persians
What is the pattern of dynastic rule in ancient Egypt? When one dynasty died out or lost control, another took its place
Archaeologist now believe that the pyramids of ancient Egypt was built mainly by? Peasants
Who did the Egyptians believe was responsible for everything that happened in nature and in the kingdom? Pharaoh
Who created the alphabet? Phoenicians
What created cuneiform writing? Sumerians
Who's capital was at Nineveh? Assyrians
Who developed the wheel? Sumerians
Who created the ten commandments? Hebrews
Who did seafaring traders? Phoenicians
Who made the famous Hanging Gardens? Babylonians
Who were the first to use coin money? Lydians
Created by: drea_morris