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mid term

a federalist is? a supporter of the constitution
British customs officers needed a ? to search home for smuggled goods? writs of assistance
changes to the articles had to be approved by how many states? all
Charles land is Latin for? Carolina
colonists were able to change public opinion and influence British policies by participating in various civic groups that organized boycotts. name three groups that organized boycotts sons of liberty, daughters of liberty, committees of correspondence
constitutional convention delegates voted to work toward a new national government based on the Virginia plan
framers are? the men who shaped the constitution
George Washington's greatest challenge at valley forge was keeping his army together
Guildford courthouse was a battle where Nathaniel Greene's forces met? Cornwallis
how many colonists were killed during the Boston massacre? 5
in an attempt to stop smuggling, parliament passed what act? sugar
inflation caused congress to stop issuing? paper money m
Delegates from the smaller states strongly objected to the Virginia Plan because ​small states would have less representation in Congress than the large states.
Explain all aspects of the Great Compromise 3 branches of govt 2 house Congress 1 house based on population ( Virginia Plan) 1 house based on equality ( New Jersey Plan) Proposed by Roger Sherman
In Rhode Island, what was first practiced? religious tolerance
John Locke influenced Thomas Jefferson in writing? Declaration of Independence
King George III was king of England during what major American event? American Revolution
Loyalists are? Those who opposed independence
Meeting in Philadelphia. Importance- Declaration of Independence was written? 2nd Continental Congress
Meeting in Philadelphia. Importance- Local militias were formed. 1st Continental Congress
Minutemen are? Local militia ready to fight at a moment’s notice
Name an effect of the Townshend Acts. Boycotts of British goods, urged Colonists to wear Homemade clothes, Daughters of Liberty were formed.
Name of group that indirectly elects the President? Electoral College
Name the first colonists killed in the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks
Name the three laws found in the Intolerable ( Coercive Acts) ~Banned Town Meetings in New England ~Closed Boston Harbor ~Colonists house soldiers
New Jersey was named after? An Island in the England Channel
New York City was originally called? New Amsterdam
Northwest Territory was created of the lands north of the _____ _______and east of the _____ ______? Ohio River/Mississippi River
One major weakness of the Confederation was that it could not deal with the nation’s finances.
One of the Articles of Confederation’s accomplishments was an arrangement for New states in the West
Only land owning white males could what in the colonies? Vote
Patriots are? Colonists who chose to fight for independence
Paul Revere’s engraving of which event was an example of propaganda that led to more intense anti-British feelings among the colonists? Boston Massacre
Pennsylvania means? Penns Woods
Protestants who wanted to reform the Anglican Church were called Puritans
Rhode Island was the last state to? Last state to ratify the Constitution
State the importance of the Battle of Bunker Hill. British learned that defeating the Americans would not be easy.
Supplies and reinforcements could not reach American harbors during the Revolution because of a blockade
System that keeps any branch of government from gaining too much power are? Checks and Balances
The Constitution had to be approved by how many states? Nine
The Continental Army was organized to fight against? Great Britain
The Continental Congress was left with a huge debt after what war? Revolutionary War
The deadlock between large and small states was approved with ? Great Compromise
The Executive Branch is headed by the President
The Intolerable Acts did what to the colonists? Brought them together.
The man who turned the ragged Continental Army into a more efficient fighting force was Friedrich von Steuben
The Mayflower Compact was a pledge to obey the laws of the Colony
The Tea Act gave who an advantage over colonial merchants? East India Company
The Townshend Act taxed? Imported goods
The United States was recognized as an independent nation in what treaty? Treaty of Paris
Washington was the first Commander of the Continental Army
What are burgesses? Elected men in Jamestown. First Representative government
What are indentured servants? settlers who paid for their passage to America by working without pay for a period of time
What did the colonists call the Coercive Acts? Intolerable
What did the settlers of Jamestown grow to make a profit for their investors? Tobacco
What event forced courts to close so judges could not take away farmers land? Shays Rebellion
What group favored local government controlled more closely by the people. Anti Federalist
What helped repeal the Townshend Acts? Boycotts
What is a constitution? list of a government’s fundamental laws
What is the definition of a republic? a government in which citizens rule through elected representatives
What is Triangular Trade? Pattern of trade that developed in Colonial times among the Americas, Africa, and Europe.
What region of colonies had a large support of Loyalists? South
What two people warned that the British were coming? Paul Revere, William Dawes
What was established during the 2nd Continental Congress? Authorized the printing of money, Set up a Post Office with Ben Franklin as the head, Created the Continental Army
What was Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley’s nickname and what did she do? Molly Pitcher” and fought in battle against the British
What was the dramatic act of defiance that some colonists celebrated? Boston Tea Party
What was the last colony to be established? Georgia
What was the Olive Branch Petition? Was it accepted by the King of England? Petition sent to the King by the Colonists as one last attempt to avoid war. The purpose was to have peace between the Colonies and England. No it was not accepted.
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence? explains why the colonies chose to form a new nation.
What was the Three-Fifths Compromise? resolved the issue of counting slaves towards population in regards to representation in the House of Representatives
What were the causes of the American Revolution? Taxation, Lack of Representation in Parliament, Trade Restriction
When did the starving time occur in Jamestown? Winter 1609-1610
When the Boston Tea Party occurred, most citizens still considered themselves? British citizens
When was the Treaty of Paris signed? 1783
Why is the Treaty so significant? Ended the War with Britain. The British recognized the United States as an independent country
Where did the Pilgrims land? Plymouth, MA
Where was Loyalist support weakest? New England
Which act stated that Parliament did have the right to tax colonists. Declaratory Act
Who attended both the First and Second Continental Congress? Patrick Henry, John Adams, Sam Adams, Richard Henry Lee, George Washington
Who developed indigo in the 1740s? Eliza Lucas
Who established the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1630? John Winthrop
Who surrendered to the Americans at Saratoga in October of 1777? Burgoyne
​Who was the presiding officer at the Constitutional Convention? George Washington
Who were the Hessians and what was their role? German troops hired by the King of England to fight in America.
Why did John Hancock sign his name so large on the Declaration? First man to sign it. Wanted to sign his name so large that the King could see it without his glasses.
Why was there slavery in the colonies? Where did slavery take place? To farm the land in the South
Would the author of Common Sense, Thomas Paine be considered a Loyalist or Patriot? Patriot
What was the First Continental Congress? Meeting of colonial delegates in Philadelphia to decide how to respond to increased taxes and abuses of authority by the British government; delegates petitioned King George III listing freedoms they believed colonists should enjoy
What are unalienable rights? Where can you find these rights? life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, Declaration of Independence.
Created by: MOLLYgeorge123
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