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Allied Health Mid

is the outer protective covering of a cell.It is called the plasma membrane and is considered semipermeable. cell membrane
is a semi fluid inside the cell but outside the nucleus. It is the site for all chemical reactions that take place in a cell. cytoplasm
are considered "little organs" and are structures that help a cell to function organelles
a mass in the cytoplasm that is considered the "brain" of the cell.It is separated from the cytoplasm by a nuclear membrane. nucleus
represents all living parts of the cell and includes the nucleus protoplasm
is located in the nucleus and made of DNA and protein.It is important to passing on the parents genes during reproduction chromatin
number of pairs of chromosomes a person has 23
number of individual chromosomes people have 46
considered the total mass of genetic instruction humans inherit from their parents genome
rod shaped organelle located throughout the cytoplasm and are considered the "powerhouses" of the cell mitochondria
a stack of membrane layers located in cytoplasm.produces , stores , and packages secretions from cells golgi body
are sites for protein synthesis and located on rough e.r ribosomes
oval round bodies in the cytoplasm that have digestive enzymes and destroy old cells,bacteria,etc. lysosomes
when a cell reproduces without the help of another cell it is called asexual reproduction
some specialized cells such as the brain never reproduce after birth true
muscle cells reproduce continuosly false
skin,blood,and intestinal cells reproduce continuosly true
is asexual reproduction which is used by most cells. mitosis
is the mass of cells that contains stem ells and is important to stem cell research and the process of reproducing sexually blastocyst
is the process by which sex cells reproduce meiosis
are joined similar cells that are mostly water,slightly salty,and can become dehydrated tissues
is the tissue that covers the surface of the body and includes the skin and nails epithelial
supporting fabric for organs and other body parts and can be soft or hard connective
the tissue that produces power and movement by contraction of muscle fibers muscle
large cavity located on the back of the body dorsal
large cavity located on the front of the body anterior
separates the body into a top and bottom half transverse plane
separates the body into a left and right half median plane
divides the human body into a front and back section frontal
outermost layer of skin made of smaller layers and protects the skin epidermis
the "true skin" layer that holds the hair,blood vessels,and oil glands dermis
innermost layer of skin that connects the muscle to skin hypodermis
second degree burns burn through.. epidermis and dermis
tissue or organ taken from one person and given to another allograft
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