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Health and Wellness

The Health Triangle consists of Physical, Social, and Mental
Physical health involves the health of your Body
Mental/Emotional health involves the health of your mind and feeling
Social health involves the health of your Brain
All 3 sides should be balanced
A state of well being or total health is the meaning of wellness
Your _____, _____, _____, and _____ can affect your health heredity, enviorment, attitude, and behavior
Taking steps to keeping something from happening is called Abstinence
The way you see yourself is called your Self-Esteem
The ability to recover from problems or loss is called Resilience
Emotions are _____, and _____ healthy and normal
Ways to manage anger do something to relax, Identify the cause, Talk about your feelings, ETC
The body's response to real dangers or other challenges and demands is called Stress
During a fight or flight response your body releases Adrenaline
Ways to manage stress meditate, talk about feelings, think positively
You reinforce your ties to the community though good citizenship
The 3 C's are Communication, Cooperation, Compromise
The ability to accept others' is called tolerance
Examples of Body Language Gestures, Posture, and Facial Expressions
The pattern of repeating violent or abusive behaviors from 1 generation to the next is known as the Cycle of Violence
the people who are close to you in age and have things in common with you are called your Peers
The influence that people your age may have on you is called Peer Pressure
The S.T.O.P stands for Say Stop In A Firm Voice Tell Why Not Offer other Ideas Promptly Leave
Healthy relationships bring out the best in each person Healthy _____ _____ should do the same Dating Realationships
_____ is the 100% way to eliminate health risks associated with sexual activity Abstinence
The use of communication and compromise to settle a disagreement is called Negotiation
If you are the victim of a sexual attack, you should report it right away
Cyberbullying is an example of _____ abuse Emotional
The 5 Food Groups Are Grains, Veggies, Fruits, Dairy, And Proteins
You get the energy your body needs to work and move from Calories
When choosing a healthy snack, you should limit _____, added _____, _____ fat, and _____ Calories, Added Fat, Saturated Fat, and Sodium
According to MyPlate, half of your plate should be _____, and _____ Fruits and Veggies
You do not have to be _____ to be active Athletic
You should exercise _____ a day 1 hour
Healthy comes in _____ and _____ shapes and sizes
To make healthy options refer to looking at _____ _____ nutrition labels
The 3 Types Of Muscles Are _____ _____ and _____ Cardiac, Smooth, and Voluntary
your nervous system carries messages back and forth between your body and your _____ brain
The heart has ______ chambers 4
The main organs in the respiratory system are the _____ lungs
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