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Greek Lessons

Greek Roots, Suffixes, Prefixes

Anthrop man; mankind
Phil love
Miso hate
Biblio, bibl book
phon sound
Graph, gram write; draw; describe; record
Scop, scept, skept look at; examine
Arch, archi govern; rule
Dem people
Gen, gon kind; race; origin
Gon angle
Gyn, gyne, gynaec, gynec woman
log idea; word
Theo god
Geo earth
Helio sun
Dyn, dynam power; force
Chron time
Chrom, chromat, chro color
Meter, metr measure
Center, centr center
Cyc cirlce
Path feeling; disease
Batho, bathy depth
Therap cure
Haem, hem, -aem, -em blood
Rhea, rheo, rrh, rhag flow; gush; burst
Stat, stas] stand; shop
Erg, urg work
Gno, gnos know
Tom cut
Ton, ten stretch; tone
Chir hand
Pod foot
Cephal head
Dactyl finger; toe
Gloss, glott, glot tongue; language
osteo bone
derm, dermat skin
Plas, plasm, plast mold; shape; form; substance
Bio life
Phys nature; growth
Psych mind; soul; spirit
soma, somat body
Lith, -lite stone
Petr, peter rock
Glyph, glypt carving
Icon image; idol
Astr star
Nom arrangement; law
onoma. onym name
ec, oec house; enviroment
ethn nation
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