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3Branch Test - Part1

Chapters 12-15 Test (Part 1)

Judicial Review Authority of the court to determine whether an act of Congress or a law is constitutional or not.
Gerrymandering Drawing legislative districts' boundaries to give an unfair advantage to a particular group or party.
Reapportionment Process by which seats in the House of Representatives are reassigned among the states to reflect population changes in the census.
Markup The section-by-section review and revision of a bill by committee members.
Oversight Congress making bureaucratic agencies accountable to their purposes.
Majority Leader The primary spokesman for the party in power in the Senate.
Iron Triangle Relationship among interest groups, government agencies and legislative committee to effect public policy.
Minority Whip Assistant to the majority leaders responsible for drumming up support for legislation and keeping attendance records for votes on important legislation.
Elitism Belief the select few should have more influence in the governmental process.
Senatorial Courtesy Informal norm allowing a senator of a state to recommend or block judicial appointments from that state.
Subpoena Order issued requiring a person to testify or turn over documents relevant to a legal proceeding.
Cloture Vote in the Senate that can stop a filibuster and bring debate on a bill to an end (requires three-fifths majority).
Logrolling Supporting a legislator's bill in exchange for support of one's own bill.
War Powers Resolution (Act) Congress' attempt to limit the President in his military powers.
Patronage System Spoils system; Government programs and benefits are awarded based on political loyalty to a politician or party. Replaced by the civil service system - government jobs.
Privitization Turning government responsibilities over to private organizations on the assumption they can be more efficient and effective.
Political Ideology A consistent set of beliefs that forma a general philosophy regarding the proper
Issue Network Policy communities made up of a broad base of interest groups, scholars, universities, and experts working to effect public policy.
Executive Order Rule made by the President that has the effect of law (domestic).
Perjury Lying under sworn oath.
Executive Agreements Binding commitments between the US and other countries agreed to by the President, but unlike treaties, do not require ratification by the Senate (foreign countries).
Quorem minimum number of members that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid.
Consensus General agreement made by a group.
Whistleblower Employees who report mismanagement, corruption, or illegal activity within their agencies.
Speaker of the House Constitutional and political leader of the House of Representatives
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