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Schwartz AP Gov 16

Foreign and Military Policy

Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (1972) barred the US and the USSR from deploying nationwide defenses against strategic ballistic missiles
Bush Doctrine product of terrorism - defends US interests at home and abroad by identifying and destroying the treat before it reaches US borders
Chairman on the Joint Chiefs of Staff the top uniformed official in the US, who oversees the chiefs of staff, a career general or admiral for each military division
collective security the power of a united group to stand down an aggressor
Council on Foreign Relations a non-partisan think tank that studies international issues of trade, security, and relationships
detente a softening of tensions, a willingness to begin a better dialogue between the US and its communist adversaries
gold plating Pentagon officials pressuring Congress for premium war machines
House Committee on Foreign Affairs House committee to discuss US relations with other nations
military industrial complex network of large defense manufacturers and government defense leaders who purchase and use the best possible war material, always staying on top of technological changes
National Security Council (NSC) organization to "advise the president with respect to the integration of domestic, foreign and military policies relating to national security
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) organization dominated by Western European countries, the United States and Canada
Operation Desert Storm a US attack on Iraqi forces in Kuwait (George H. W. Bush)
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Senate committee to discuss US relations with other nations
United Nations charged with maintaining peace and fostering cooperation among nations but committed to using force if necessary to stop aggressor nations
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