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European History

European history around WWI - WWII

In Hitler Youth, you grew up to be a... Nazi
In 1919 the United States refused to join... The League of Nations
In the Treaty of Versailles, Germany... had to admit it started the war, pay money, and lose territory
Some of the causes of the Great Depression are... prices went down in stores, and farm land was destroyed in WWI
During the Great Depression, President Roosevelt created... The New Deal
Who's dictator created the Fascist Party? Italys
Fascist nations became strong through... militarism
A police state is... a country where the country has TOTAL control over its people
an armistice is... an agreement to NOT fight
Did the U.S. agree to the Treaty of Versailles? No
During WWI, Russia remained... poor
Who gained control of the Soviet Union? Joseph Stalin
Civil War broke out in... Spain
In 1946, Germany defeated... France
Germany was forced to retreat because of... The cold and the Soviet Red Army
Who declared war on the U.S.? Germany and Italy
Hitler put who in concentration camps? Jews
Germany surrendered because... Hitler killed himself
Where in Japan was the most powerful bomb dropped on on August 6, 1945? Nagasaki
After the bombing, Japan surrendered in... 5 days
Created by: rmorgan27