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APG word roots

rootmeaning and example
Amphi around,on both sides, double; Aphiarthosis: joint that moves around slightly
Angio vessel; angioplasty:repair blood vessel with catheter or replacement with tissue or prosthetic
Arthro jointed, joint; arthroscopic: exam or repair of joint with endoscope small incision
Brachio arm; Brachiocephalic: relating to the arm and head
Brady slow; bradycardia:slow heartrate usually less than 50 beats per minute
Broncho Bronchus, bronchi; bronchitis
Cardio heart; cardiologist
Cephalo head; encphalitis: inflammation of the brain
Cervico neck,cervix; Cervical cancer: Cancer of the cervix
Chondro cartiledge; Chondrosis: cartiledge damage
Cyto cell; Cytosis
Derma skin; Dermatologist
Dys abnormal, difficult; Dyslexia
Ecto outer; Ectoplasmic Reticulum
Endo inner; Endoskeleton
Eryth red; Erythemia: chronic polycythemia too many red blood cells
Gastro stomach; Gastroenteritis:inflamation of the stomach and intestines
Glossa tongue; Glossodynia: burning or pain in tongue
Hemo blood;Hematologist
Hyper too much, high; Hyperextended
Hypo under, decreased; Hypoglycemia: abnormally low blood sugar
Myo muscle; Myopia:nearsightedness
Nephro kidney; Nephrologist:kidney specialist
Neuro brain, nerve; Neuorlogist:brain specialist
Ortho Straight, Normal; Orthodontist
Osteo bone; Osteoarthritis
Ped child, foot; Pediatrician
Pneumo air,lungs; Pneumonia:inflammation of lungs with congestion
Pod foot; Podiatrist
Pseudo false; Pseudosizure
Psycho mind; psychologist
Pyro fever, heat; Pyrogen heat stable bacterial toxin
Reno kidney; Renal:pertaining to the kidneys
Sarco flesh; Sarcoma:malignant tumor arising from connective tissues
Sub under; Submucosa:connective tissue below mucous membrane
Tachy fast; tachycardia:rapid heartbeat
Thoraco thorax;Thoracic:pertains to thorax which is chest
Thrombo blood clot, coagulation; Thrombus:fibrinous clot formed in blood vessel
Trans across, over; Transverse:cut through midsection
Vaso vessel; Vasoconstriction
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