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French Revolution

Causes, events, results of the French Revolution

In 1789 France was ruled by ____________ and his queen ______________ Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette
Louis XVI lived at Versaille
French society was divided into "classes" called _________ Estates
The First Estate was the ___________ Clergy
The Second Estate was the ________________ Nobility
The Third Estate was __________________________. everyone else
The First Estate was what % of the population of France .5%
The Second Estate was what % of the population of France 1.5%
The third Estate was what % of the population of France 98%
Middle class French for example lawyers, merchants, doctors etc. who had money but little power were called Bourgeoisie
Nine out of 10 members of the Third Estate were Peasants
The poorest group from the Third Estate were the Sans Culottes
The Sans Culottes were comprised of city workers
The Estate that was required to pay taxes was the Third Estate
The French government was broke because of spending on these three items seven Years War, American Revolution, the Palace at Versailles
When a government spends more money than it takes in it is called ___________________ spending deficit
The people of Paris were hungry because poor harvests affected the price of food in this way. the price of food rose sharply
An official meeting of all three Estates was called the Estates General
Louis XVI called a meeting of the Estates General because that was necessary to raise taxes
Voting rules in the Estates General meant that the 1st and 2nd Estates could always outvote the 3rd Estate
When the Estates General refused to change the voting rules the 3rd Estate decided to meet separately at a tennis court
The 3rd Estate, meeting separately, declared themselves the new National Assembly
The National Assembly was mostly composed of this economic group the Bourgeoisie
The Bourgeoisie National Assembly favored this kind of government Constitutional Monarchy
The Sans Culottes favored more extreme measures because they were politically _______________ radicals
When the radicals of Paris became convinced the King would use troops to restore order they responded by storming the Bastille
When the women of Paris marched to Versailles saying they wanted bread, Marie Antoinette replied "Let them eat cake."
The women of Paris forced the King and Queen to return to Paris
The King an Queen were caught when they tried to escape to Austria
For plotting against the Revolution, Louis the XVI was executed on the guillotine
Troops from Austria, Prussia, and other countries invaded France in order to keep the Revolution from spreading to their countries
Under threat of invasion the government of France is taken over by this radical. Robespierre
Robespierre begins this when approximately 30,000 people, mostly from the 2nd Estate were guillotined. Reign of Terror
The Reign of Terror ended when the French people recoiled against the slaughter and Robespierre was executed on the guillotine
The execution of Robespierre began this reaction to the killing during the HOT month of July. the Thermidorian Reaction
This general was very successful in repelling the armies invading France Napoleon Bonapart
In contrast to previous armies who were professional soldiers fighting for the King and for money, French revolutionary armies were made of citizen soldiers fighting for their nation
The French Revolution ended when ______________ declared himself Emperor of France. Napoleon Bonapart
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