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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
NC Immigrants 1700 NC populations and their ways of life Social Studies 2014-11-14 football09 14 0 edit
Road to Revolution Events and ideas leading to the American Revolution Social Studies 2016-11-10 football09 18 1 edit
7th grade Econ 7th grade Econ Social Studies 2016-02-04 football09 10 1 edit
7th grade econ II 7th grade econ questions/answers Social Studies 2016-05-24 football09 14 1 edit
7th grade Econ III more demanding vocabulary Social Studies 2018-08-21 football09 20 1 edit
Forms of Government Examines the various forms of government Social Studies 2018-08-21 football09 27 1 edit
Articles of Confed. Articles of Confederation Social Studies 2016-12-13 football09 14 2 edit
Industrial Rev. causes-effects-labor conditions-ideology Social Studies 2018-02-12 football09 31 1 edit
Road to the Civil Wa Events and trends leading to the American Civil War Social Studies 2017-02-22 football09 16 0 edit
Road to Civil War 2 Road to Civil War 2 Social Studies 2016-02-29 football09 24 0 edit
World War I pre-war European society, causes, new weapons, trench warfare, American entry, Social Studies 2016-03-16 football09 45 0 edit
Aftermath of WWI Versailles, League of Nations, Weimar, Red Scare, Lost Generation, New Nations Social Studies 2018-03-20 football09 37 0 edit
Fighting-Civil War Resources compared, strategies, turning points, vocabulary Social Studies 2015-03-17 football09 52 0 edit
Reconstruction Reconstruction question-answer, Amendments,Resistance, Freedmen Social Studies 2016-04-12 football09 16 0 edit
The Renaissance Origins, Effects, Important figures, Legacy of the Renaissance Social Studies 2015-09-18 football09 25 3 edit
Exploration overview Reasons for English Exploration, Columbian Exchange, Columbus to Jamestown Unfinished 2016-05-20 football09 41 1 edit
Reformation Quiz the Reformation and Church History Unfinished 2016-05-19 football09 35 1 edit
louisiana-War of 181 Louisiana purchase and War of 1812 Social Studies 2017-01-26 football09 18 0 edit
Interwar years 1918- rise of dictatorships Social Studies 2016-04-06 football09 26 0 edit
8th Grade Review Broad review of 8th grade curriculum 2016-mixed for matching Social Studies 2017-06-02 football09 90 0 edit
Five Themes of Geogr Middle Schopl Social Studies 2016-09-09 football09 25 0 edit
NC Geog. Climate, Re Middle School Unfinished 2016-09-09 football09 18 1 edit
NC Geog. Part II middle school Unfinished 2016-09-09 football09 22 0 edit
Early European Explo The Spanish in Central and South Am., Exploration of the NC coast Social Studies 2016-11-28 football09 26 0 edit
Jamestown Settlement, problems, recovery Social Studies 2016-10-17 football09 36 1 edit
AmericanColonization three colonial regions, settlement, economics Social Studies 2016-11-01 football09 42 2 edit
US Constitution Branches, Amendments, Powers American Government 2017-01-11 football09 30 0 edit
French Revolution Causes, events, results of the French Revolution Social Studies 2017-12-05 football09 38 0 edit

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