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Immunology Exam2

IgG can cross placenta, monomer, 37C, secondary response
IgM primary response, pentamer, 22C
IgA secretions, allergies
Antigen substance that combines with an antibody
Allele alternate gene
Immunoglobulin protein secreted by plasma cell
Complement proteins attached to RBCs
IgM and IgG most common antibodies
AHG prevents potential errors when typing
Dolichos Biflorus reacts with A1
Ulex Europaeus reacts with H
Vicia Graminea reacts with N
Iberis Amara reacts with M
Rh and Duffy chromosome 1
MNS chromosome 4
Kell chromosome 7
ABO chromosome 9
Kidd chromosome 18
Lewis chromosome 19
P chromosome 22
Dosage antibody reacts stronger with homozygous antigen than with heterozygous antigen
Hemolysis destruction of RBCs, indicates positive result
LISS decreases ionic strength, increasing antibody uptake rate
BSA allows antibody-sensitized cells closer together
PEG removes water molecules
Screening cells detect unexpected antibodies, type O to possess relevant antigens
IgM cold antibodies cause intravascular hemolysis
Rh null stomatocytes Membrane abnormality that shortens RBC survival
LW reacts with O pos, patient given Rh neg blood
Duffy possible reason for black population resistance to malaria
Miltenberger group closely related to MNS system
McLeod syndrome no Kx antigen, reduced expression of other Kell antigens
Autoanti-P causes PCH
P1 hydatid cyst fluid antibody
Kidd delayed transfusion reactions
High-titer, low avidity antibodies (HTLA) detected at AHG phase, Chido (Cha) and Rodgers (Rga)
Antibodies to medication suspected if nothing is found in elution
Low incidence antigens antibody screen neg, but incompatible crossmatch
Adsorption removing antibodies from serum
Elution removing antibodies from RBCs
IAT determines if antibodies to RBC antigens have been produced
DAT determines whether auto or allo antibodies are present
Destroyed by enzymes Fya, Fyb, S, M, N
Enhanced by enzymes Rh, Kidd, Lewis
Allogenic donation to general pool
Autologous donation by patient for their own use later on
Segment where blood is obtained for crossmatch
Landsteiner's Rule if an antigen is not present on the cells then the corrosponding antibody will not be present in the patients plasma
1-10C temp at which blood is shipped
5.5x10^10 amount of PLTs that must be present per unit
ABO blood group associated with intravascular hemolysis
Glycerol protects against cell damage
Bacterial contamination in blood P. Flourescens, P. Putida, Y. Enterocolitica, E. Cloacae
3-4 days transfusion time limit (effective limit)
IgG involved in HDN
Rhogam suppresses immune response
Rosette test (fetalscreen) Fetomaternal hemorrhage screen
Kleihauer Betke test quantify number of fetal cells in maternal circulation
Intrauterine transfusions correct anemia, prevent heart failure
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