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Competency: Dental

Infection Control and the Dental Operatory

Appearance Hair is off collar and away from face.Only approved clinical jewelry wore.Fingernails trimmed and proper length.Proper clinical attire.Proper PPE is donned at appropriated time of procedure. (Utility glove, face shield/mask, safety glasses, gown)
Initial Procedure Wash hands using proper technique.Utility gloves donned.Water bottle is filled with distilled water if empty.Unit is turned on.
Cleaning Area and items to be utilized during the appointment are wiped down with EPA approved wipes.
What items should be wiped down? **Wipe from top to bottom. Cabinets and Counters, Chair and Base, Operator and assistant stools and bases, Light(wet cool paper towel), arm, handles, switch, Hoses and connector ends, pens and pencils, and clipboard.
What should be flushed? All water lines are flushed for 2 minutes. (Hold water button over sink)
Last process of cleaning Wash Utility Gloved Hands thoroughly.
Disinfecting Continue process, the same area and items are then disinfected with disinfected wipes.Wash Utility Gloves thoroughly again, wipe with disinfectant wipe, remove without touching the outside of the glove, place on paper towel next to sink to dry.
Unit Set-Up Attach sterile air/water tip, attach saliva ejector, place barriers on appropriate items and bioharzard bag on the unit wall next to clinician's seat, retrieve supplies and insturments from sterilization area needed for appt,
Unit Set-Up continue Acquire appropriate supplies needed to complete individual patient treatment plan for the appt period, obtain any clinic forms and/or patient enducational materials needed for the appt, return Utility Gloves to appropriate area,
Unit Set-Up continue Wash hands with appropriate technique, Place wrapped cassette on tray, place patient napkin and holder over the cassette, Place mask and gloves to the side.**Extra gloves, mask, and cotton products may be paced in top drawer for proper access if needed)
Unit Break-Down Wash hands with appropriate technigue, put on Utility Gloves and PPE, Dispose of Bioharzdous waste and barriers, Treatment area and items are cleaned and disinfected(as in Set-Up), Flush all water lines for 2 mins,
Unit Break-Down continue Take instruments cassette and individual items to be cleaned and sterilized by the Office Assistant, Run high and low volume suction with water and cleaner; clean suction screen, purge all water lines,
Unit Break-Down continue tie trash liner and to central location in clinic for disposal, remove lab coat/gown and take to laundry room, wash Utility Gloves, disinfected, place on paper towel to dry, wash hands, dry, use paper towel to remove face shield/safety glasses.
Unit Break-Down continue Rinse and dry face shield/safety glasses, Carefully place Utility Gloves and face shield/safety glasses in appropriate area, return all items to unit storage, straighten operatory drawers, cabinets and counter tops.
What should be return to neutral position? Chair, bracket tray, clipboard, rheostat,and light.
Before leaving always check with your instructor
Created by: carolammons7