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Male Reproductive

Biol 1410

Where are testes located? Scrotum
What is scrotum made out of Skin and CT
What are testes surrounded by Tinica vaginalis and tunica albuginea
Tunica vaginalis Outer serous membrane
Where is tunica vaginalis derived from? Peritoneum
Tunica albuginea Inner fibrous CT capsule
When tunica albuginea entends inward, what does it divide into? Lobules
Which sex is tunica vaginalis found? ONLY males
what are seminiferous tubule produce sperm (spermatogenesis)
when seminiferous tubule unite, what do they form? Rete testis
what do the walls of seminiferous tubule contain? germ cells and sertoli cells (sustenocytes)
what do sertoli cells surround developing gametes
what do the tight junctions (contained by sertoli cells) form? blood testis barrier
function of blood testis barrier protects sperm from immune system, toxins, drugs, etc.
what is produced by sertoli cells for allowing transport in lumen? testicular fluid
what do seroli cells respond to? FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
from where to where do sertoli cells extend basement membrane to lumen
what do lobules contain? seminiferous tubule and leydig cells (instertitial cells)
Where are leydig cells (instertitial cells) located In CT between seminiferous tubules
function of leydig cells (instertitial cells)? secrete testosterone (hormone)
overall location of the Ducts from seminiforous tubule to rete testis, then into duct system
what are the duct system composed of? epididymis ; urethra vas (ductus) deferens ; ejaculatory duct
how are ejaculatory duct formed? union of vas deference and duct from seminal vesicle
3 regions of urethra (prostatic) prostatic; membranous; penile (spongy)
where does prostatic go through? prostate
where does membranous go through? urogenital diaphragm
where does penile (spongy) go through? corpus spongiosum of penis
where does penile open to? glans penis
where does vas deferens enter to ? pelvic cavity
where does vas deference loop over? posterior bladder
what does spermatic cord contain? vas deferens nerves, muscles, blood, lymph vessels
where is epididymis located posterior border of testis
function of epididymis stores sperm
where in the duct system composition do sperms mature? epididymis
parts of th epenis root; body (shaft), and glans penis
what is glans penis? englarged tip at the terminal end
Created by: corrp