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AP Euro History Ch13

1. Christian Humanism major goal was the reform of christianity.
2. Desiderius Erasmus's: The Praise of Folloy Erasmus explaining that monks shoudn't get all the praise they are expecting because everything they think is important amd makes them think they're better than everyone else is meaningless and unnessacary.
3. Thomas More's: Utopia Reflected More's own concerns with the economic, social, and political problems of his day.
4. pluralism and absenteeism high church officials took over more than one church office: office holders ignored their duties and hired underlings
5. Thomas a Kempis': Imitation of Christ "truely, at the day of judgement we shall not be examined by what we have read, nut what we have done; not how well we have spoken, but how religiously we have lived.
6. The Sacraments A catholics cheif means of receiving gods grace
7. Martin Luther Founder of Lutheranism and author of the 95 theses.
8. Salvation by Faith "Good works do not make good man, but a good man does good works.
9. Priesthood of all Believers Christians who followed the word of god were their own priests.
10. Johann Tetzel and Indulgences Sold Indulgences, then tool the money back to Rome to build the St Pter Basilica.
11. Ninety-five Theses A response to to John Tetzel and the selling of indulgences, that was nailed to a church door for everyone to see.
12. The Edict of Worms Made Martin Luther ab outlaw within the empire.
13. The peasants war, 1524 Thomas Muntzer inflamed the peasants against their rulers with his fiery language.
14. Transubtantiation the substance of bread and wine consumed in the rite is miraculously transformed into the body and blood of Jesus.
15. the Protestant minister and family Martin luther married Katherina von Bora providing a model of married and family life for the new Protestant minister
16. Charles V Holy Roman Empirer
17. Pope Clement VII joined with Francis I in the second Habsurg-Valois war
18. Suleiman the magnificent Defeated and killed king Louis of Hungury at the battle of Mohacs in1526
19. Peace od Augsburg End to religious warfare in Germany in 1955.
20. Gustavus Vasa Overthrow the denmark ruler Christian II
21. Ulrick Zwingli Began the Reformation of switzerland
22. Marburg Colloquy Produced no agreement and no evangelical aliance
23. Anabaptists, Munster A true christian church was a voluentary association of believers how have undergown spiritual rebirth and had then been baptized
24. Millenarianism Belived that the end of the world was at habd and that they would usher in the kingdom of god with munster as the New jeruselam
25. Menno Simons Responsible for rejuvenating Dutch Anabaptisim
26. Henery VII's wife's Effort to get a son to inheirt his kingdom
27. Act of Supermacy the break of the church of England with Rome
28. Book of common Prayer New acts of Parliment institued the write of the clergy to marry, the elimination of images and the creation of a revised protestant liturgy.
29. Edward the VII and "Bloody Mary" Third son of Henery VII: Burned more than three hundred Protestants
30. John Calvin Organizer of the protestant movement
31. Predestination ment that god had predestined some poeple to be saved and others to be damned.
32. Geneva Where John Calvin took up a ministery.
33. Protestant Education All children should have the oppurtonity of an education provided by the state
34. Puritants attempted to ban drinking in taverns, dramatic performances, and dancing.
35. Catholic Reformation The revival of Roman Catholicism.
36. Saint Teresa of Avila expirenced a variety of mistical visions that claimed to result in the union of her soul with god
37. Ignatious Loyola a spanish noblemen who founded the Society of Jesus
38. Jesuits the society of Jesus who became the chief instrument of the catholic reformation
39. Francis Xavier one of the origanal members of the society of Jesus who carried the message of Catholic christianity to the east
40. Pope Paul III appointed his nephews as cardinals involving himself in politics
41. Council of Trent reaffirmed traditional catholic teachings in opposition to protestant beliefs
42. Huguenots and Saint Bartholomew's Day French Calvinists: A massacre of Huguenots in August 1572
43. Henery IV and the edict of Nantes assinated by a monk who was repelled by the spectical of a catholic king cooperating with a protestant :ecnoliged catholicism as the official religion of France
44. Philip II the son and heir of charles V, and the greatest advocate of millitant catholicism.
45. The battle of Lepanto Philips attempt to crush the revolt in the Netherlands
46. The New World Spains Empire.
47. The Netherlands Became prosperous threw comercial and textile industry, consisted of 17 provinces.
48. Union of Utrecht the prganization of 7 northern Dutch speaking states into a protestant union to oppose spanish rule.
49. Elizabeth daughter of Henery VII and Anne Boleyn
50, Spanish Armada to esquort the duke of Parma in Flanders and his troops across the English channel for invasion.
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