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A&P Exercise 50 & 51 ; Respiratory

What does the respiratory system involve? movements of oxygen from the external environment eventually to our cells, and the movements of carbon dioxide produced by out cells until it exits our body.
What is the pulmonary ventilation? Breathing
What are the structures that serve as passageways for gases into and out of the lungs? nose, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, pharynx, larynx, trachea, and bronchial tree
What is external respiration? The exchange of carbon dioxide in the lungs
What is internal respiration? The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the tissues
The blood transports gases to and from the _____ and the body cells. Alveolar sacs
What does the goblet cells secret on the epithelial lining of the respiratory tubes? Protective mucus
What does the cilia that extend into the mucus do? Creates a current of mucus that moves any entrapped debris toward the pharynx.
The right lung has how many lobes? 3
The left lung has how many lobes? 2
What does the hilum of the lung represents? an area where the bronchus and major blood vessels are located.
What adheres to the surface of each lung, including the fissures between the lungs? Visceral pleura
What covers the internal surface of the thoracic wall and the superior surface of the diaphragm? Parietal pleura
What is the narrow potential space that is located between the two pleurae and contains pleural fluid? Parietal cavity
What serves as lubrication during breathing movements, and due to surface tensions, resists respiration of the pleurae? Pleural fluid
What is the hollow space behind the nose? Nasal cavity
What is the external opening into the nasal cavity? naris/nostril
What divides the nasal cavity into right and left portions? Nasal septum
What increases surface area and air turbulence during breathing? Nasal conchae
What are the air passageways along the nasal conchae? Nasal meatus
What is the air-filled spaces that open into the nasal cavity and is lined with the mucous membrane? Paranasal sinuses
What is often called the throat? Pharynx
What section of the pharynx is an air passageway only? Nasopharynx
What are the two section of the pharynx that is a passageway for air and food? Oropharnyx and Layngopharynx
What is the airway enlargement superior to the trachea? Larynx
The vocal cords consists of two folds. What fold is the upper folds but does not produce sounds? The vestibular folds
What is another name for the vestibular folds? False vocal cords
The vocal cords consists of two folds. What fold vibrate when exhaling to produce sounds Vocal folds.
What is another name for vocal folds? True vocal cords
What is the "Adam's Apple?" The thyroid cartilage
What is the largest hyaline cartilage of the larynx that is covered by part of the thyroid gland? The thyroid cartilage
What is the complete ring of hyaline cartilage of inferior larynx? Cricoid cartilage
What connects thyroid and the cricoid cartilages? Cricothyoid ligament
What covers part of the larynx opening during swallowing? Epiglottis
What is the elastic cartilage supporting epiglottis? Epiglottis cartilage
What are vocal cords attached to? Arytenoid cartilages
What are the small cartilage superior to the arytenoid cartilages? corniculate cartilages
What is the vocal folds and the opening between them? Glottis
What is the windpipe? Trachea
What are the branched airways extending throughout lungs? Bronchial treee
What branch of tAnother name for the right and left bronchi? Primary bronchi
What is another name for the secondary bronchi? Lobar bronchi
What is another name for the tertiary bronchi? Segmental bronchi
Where is the location of external respiration between alveoli and blood capillaries? Lung
What is the medial indentation where main bronchus, blood vessels, and nerves enter lung? Hilum of lung
What is the serous membrane on surface of lung? Visceral pleura
What is the serous membrane on inside of thoracic wall and superior surface of diaphragm? Parietal pleura
What is the small space between pleurae containing lubricating serous fluid? Pleural cavity
What involves the movement of air from outside the body through the bronchial tree and into the alveoli and the reversal of this air movement to allow gase (oxygen and carbon dioxide) exchange between air and blood? Pulmonary ventilation/ breathing
What causes the movements of pulmonary ventilation? Changes in size of thoracic cavity that results from skeletal contractions
When does the size of the thoracic cavity increases? Inspiration
The volumes of air that move in and out of the lungs during various phases of breathing are called? respiratory (pulmonary) volumes and capacities
What instrument measures respiratory volume? spirometer
What is the volume of air you breath in or out? Tidal volume
What is the average tidal volume? 500 mL
Created by: elizabethcosio