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English Angla
Good Bona
Behold! Jen
Yes Jes
The La
Teacher Instruisto
Course Kurso
No Ne
Student Studento
Adjective Adjektivo
Beautiful Bela
Correct Ĝusta
Computer Komputilo
New Nova
Paper Papero
Internet Reto
Noun Substantivo
Texas Teksaso
USA Usono
Pronoun Pronomo
I Mi
We Ni
You Vi
He Li
She Ŝi
It Ĝi
They Ili
One Oni
Himself/herself/itself/themselves Si
To listen Aŭskulti
To be Esti
To do/make Fari
To help Helpo
To go Iri
To write Skribi
To translate Traduki
To come Veni
To see Vidi
To want Voli
To love Ami
To say Diri
To sleep Dormi
To learn Lerni
To eat Manĝi
To speak Paroli
To practice Praktiki
To try, test Provi
To sit Sidi
To like Ŝati
Rumor Onidiro
Adverb Adverbo
Accusative (direct object) Akuzativo
Friendly, As a friend Amike
Clearly Klare
Direct object (in grammar) Objekto
Correctly (for opinions) Prave
Quickly, rapidly Rapide
Silently Silente
Stupidly Stulte
Woe, Oops, Oh no Ve
Created by: Joe Mac