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Flavin AP106 Sense19

Ch. 11 The Senses 2019

An example of a special sense organ is a: taste bud
Is it true the all sense organs must be able to detect stimuli? Correct
Photoreceptors are located in the: eye
Mechanoreceptors are located in the: ear
Chemoreceptors are located in the: nose
Vision, hearing and smell are what type of senses? Major
The "white" of the eye is the: sclera
Nearsightedness is referred to as: Myopia
The _____ is part of the external ear. auricle
The _____ is a structure that is part of the middle ear. malleus
______is common in the elderly and is caused by: Presbycusis
The ____ is a chemoreceptor that aids in smelling. olfactory cells
Acute bacterial conjunctivitis is ____ contagious. highly
Structure & Function of the eye re: fibrous layers are: Sclera, Cornea
The watery fluid in front of the eye is called? Aqueous humor
The jelly like fluid behind the eye is called? Vitreous humor
Presbyopia is also slanged as: Oldsightedness
The middle ear contains what bones? ossicles, malleus, incus, stapes
Movement of the stapes against the oval window causes movement of ____in the inner ear. fluid
What gland secretes tears that moisten conjunctiva? lacrimal
Improper alignment of the eyes is called: Strabismus
___ is a disorder of the retina. Macular degeneration
Another name for a stroke is a ____ CVA
Sense of speed and direction of movement is called dynamic ____. equilibrium
Olfaction has a strong relationship with _____ and memory. emotions
Equilibrium disorders would be characterized by: vertigo, disorientation, falling, dizziness or lightheadedness
Sense of taste is also called: gustation
The eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the throat and is located in what part of the ear? middle
Bilateral OM is referencing to what body part(s) AU
Hearing disorders would be: Otosclerosis and otitis
The inner ear contains: labyrinth, vestibule, semicircular canals, and cochlea
Hair like structures are called: Cilia (the aid in movement)
__ & __ both senses of equilibrium with vision and proprioception-combine to help us maintain a safe body position. Posture and balance
Created by: Iteach4Docs