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Medical Term Simplif

Medical Terminology Simplified 3rd edition

peri/dent/al around teeth
ab/norm/al away normal, from usual
hepat/itis liver inflammation
supra/ren/al above kidney
trans/vagin/al through, vagina across
gastr/o/intestine/al stomach intestine
macro/cephal/ic large head
ren/o/pathy kidney disease
What is the root of dent/al dent
-ac,-al,-ar,-iac,-ic,-ior pertaining to, relating to:
post- after, behind
nat birth
Hypo, intra-, super, & homo- examples of word elements called prefixes
therm/o/meter heat instrument to measure
hepat/o/megaly liver enlargment
sub/stern/al under, sternum below
hypo/insulin/ism under, insulin condition below deficient
gastr/o/enter/o/pathy stomach intestine disease
arteri/o/scler/osis artery hardening abnormal condition
hypo/derm/ic under, skin, pertainit to
-ac (Cardi/ac) pertaing to the heart
-al (umblilic/al) pertaing to the navel
-ar (muscul/ar) pertaing to the muscle
-ary (pulmon/ary) pertaing to the lungs
-eal (esophag/eal) pertaing to the esophagus
-ic (hepat/ic) pertaing to the liver
-ical (neur/o/log/ical) pertaing to the study of nerves (log study of)
-ile (pen/ile) pertaing to the penis
-ior (anter/ior) pertaing to the front
-ous (cutane/ous) pertaining to the skin (cutane: skin)
-tic (acous/tic) pertaining to hearing
-esis (di/ur/esis) adnormal secretion of large amounts of urine (di-:double)
-ia (pneumon/ia) infection of the lung usully caused by bacteria, viruses, or other pathogenic organisms
-ism (hyper/thyroid/ism) conditon characterized by overactivity of the thyroid gland
hyper- excessive, above normal
-iatry (pod/iatry) spec. concerned with treatment and prevention of conditions of the human foot
-ist (dermat/o/log/ist) physician who specializes in treating skin disorders
-y (neur/o/path/y) any disease of the nerves
-icle (ventr/icl) small cavity, as of the brain or heart
ventr belly, belly side
-ole (arteri/ole) minute artery; an arteriole is a termainl artery continous with the capillary network
-ule (ven/ule) Tiny vein continuous with a capillary
chondr/o (cartliage) chondr/oma: tumor composed of cartilage
cyt/o (cell) cyt/o/meter: instrument for counting and measureing cells within a specified amount of fluid
abdomin/o abdomen
anter/o anterior,front
caud/o tail
cervic/o neck: cervix uteri (neck of uterus)
chondr/o cartilage
crani/o cranium (skull)
cyt/o cell
dist/o far,farthest
dors/o back (of body)
gastr/o stomach
hist/o tissue
ili/o ilium (lateral, flaring portion of hip bone)
infer/o lower, below
inguin/o groin
later/o side, to one side
lumb/o loins, (lower back)
medi/o middle
nucle/o nucleus
pelv/c pelvis
poster/o back (of body), behind, posterior
proxim/o near, nearest
radi/o radiation, x-ray; radius (lower arm bone on the thumb side
spin/o spine
thorac/o chest
unbilic/o umbilicus, navel
ventr/o belly, belly side
-ad toward
-logist specialist in study of
-logy study of
-lysis separation; destruction; loosening
-toxic poison
-verse turing
epi above, on
hypo under, below, deficient
medi- middle
super- upper, above
trans- through, across
RUQ Right upper quadrant
LUQ Left Upper quadrant
RLQ Right lower quadrant
LLQ Left lower quadrant
MRI Magnetic resonance imaging
CT Computed tomography scan
fluoroscopy radiographic procedure that uses fluorescent screen instead of photographic plate.
PET Positron emission tomography
radiography prodution of captured shadow images on photograpic film. (ionizing radation)
radiopharmaceutical drug that contains a radioactive substance that travels to an area or specific organ that will be scanned (inhaled, swolled, injected)
SPECT single-photon emission computed tomograpy
US Ultrasonography uses high frequency sound waves that bouce off body tissue and are recorded to produce an image.
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