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MedTerm 5

Integumentary System

adip/o, lip/o, steat/o fat
cutane/o, dermat/o, derm/o skin
hidr/o, sudor/o sweat
ichthy/o dry, scaly
kerat/o horny tissue, hard
melan/o black
myc/o fungus
onych/o, ungu/o nail
pil/o, trich/o hair
scler/o hardening
seb/o sebum, subcutaneous
squam/o scale
xen/o foreign, strange
xer/o dry
-cyte cell
-derma skin
-therapy treatment
Basal cell carcinoma most common type of skin cancer, arises in basal cell layer of the epidermis
abcess localized collection of pus at the infection site
psoriasis chronic, noninfectious, inflammatory skin disease
acne vulgaris inflammatory skin disease of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles
scabies contagious skin disease that is the result of infestation by the itch mite
impetigo fluid filled blister that ruptures and forms a yellow crust
debridememnt removal of foreign material and dead or damaged tissue
mohs surgery removal of thin layers of skin cancer, particularly tumors with irregular shapes and depths
scratch skin test identification of suspected allergens via placement of a small quantity of the suspected allergen on a lightly scratched area of the skin
intradermal allergy skin test subcutaneous injection of small amounts of extracts of the suspected allergens and observation of the skin for subsequent reaction
biopsy tissue sample removed from the body for microscopic examination
antiacne agents reduce acne
antifungals alter the cell wall of fungi, resulting in cell death
antihistamines inhibit allergic reactions
antiparasitics kill insect parasites
aniseptics topically applied agents that inhibit bacterial growth
corticosteroids decrease inflammation and itching
keratolytics destroy and soften the outer layer of skin
protectives cover, cool, dry, or soothe inflamed skin
topical anesthetics block sensation of pain by numbing the skin and mucous membrane
androgen agent that stimulates development of male characteristics
ductule very small duct
homeostasis equilibrium of the internal environment despite external changes
synthesize forming a complex substance by the union of simpler compounds
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