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Chronic Bronchitis

Obstructive Respiratory Diseases: Bronchitis

Most people with Chronic Bronchitis are whom? Chronic Bronchitis is pretty rare - usually only seen in patients with emphysema.
What are the 3 smoking diseases? Emphysema, Chronic bronchitis and asthma.
If you have two out of the three smoking diseases, what are you generally diagnosed with? COPD.
Other than smoking, what can cause chronic bronchitis? Frequent exposure to irritants, frequent infections.
What are some symptoms of chronic bronchitis? Mucous, chronic cough.
How long do you have to experience the symptoms before you are diagnosed with chronic bronchitis? Chronic definition comes from having the symptoms for at least 3 months in a year for two consecutive years.
People with chronic bronchitis and emphysema have what problems with their airways? Persistent and irreversible obstruction of their airways. Their airways will change shape. Hyper secretion of mucous.
What happens to the mucosal layer in chronic bronchitis? The mucosal layer swells and becomes fibrous. Lots of mucus glands/secretion. Lots of inflammation that never ends.
What happens to the lumen in people with chronic bronchitis? The lumen is narrowed because of thickening of walls. Walls thicken due to mucosal edema and increased mucous glands. Also hypertrophied muscle.
Lots of neutrophils appear in the airway of the lumen, but don't get cleared well because why? Because of thick, relatively non-motile mucus layer.
The neutrophils in the airway of the lumen and the mucus that is heavily secreted produce what? Bronchial plugs.
Sometimes the junk that is gathered in the lumen leak where? Leak into the alveoli, decreasing gas exchange. This is bad.
What are folks with chronic bronchitis often described as? Why? "Blue Bloaters." Blue = central cyanosis. Ventilation loses ground to perfusion in the lungs, reducing oxygen content of the blood. (Reduced Hb is blue). Pulmonary problems back up through R side of heart, leading to edema in periphery&lungs = bloating.
Bronchial plugs shut off parts of the lungs and air cannot get into the alveoli. This causes ___________ lungs. Underventilating.
Explain the bloating in blue bloaters. Bloating because R side of heart gets tired of pushing extra blood through the lungs. Wears out the R.V. Will get right sided heart failure. Blood piles up backwards, causing venous congestion, edema and distention of liver.
Why do you get distention of the liver in chronic bronchitis? Venous hypertension (from the backed up blood in the heart) causes blood buildup in the liver (Remember the liver filters through all the blood passed through the body).
Pulmonary hypertension results from what? This results in what? Increased wall tension in pulmonary blood vessels. This can result in cor pulmonale.
What is cor pulmonale? Heart failure due to pulmonary disease (pulmonary hypertension)
Smoking leads to ___________________ because of the respiratory diseases. Cardiovascular diseases.
Created by: sam_melillo
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