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Ch 11 Urinary System

Combining forms

urin(o) urine
pertaining to the urine urinary
the vessel that carry blood to the kidneys renal arteries
ur(o) urine, urinary tract
-uria urine or urination
cyst(o) bladder (also cyst or fluid-filled sac)
ureter(o) ureter
urethr(o) urethra
vesic(o) bladder or blister
glomerul(o) glomerulus
pyel(o) renal pelvis
gon(o) genitals or reproduction
thromb(o) thrombus (internal blood clot)
a substance that causes the production of red blood cells erythropoietin
pertaining to the kidney renal
above the kidney suprarenal
outside of a cyst or outside the bladder extracystic
pertainig to a fluid-filled sac usually the urinary bladder vesical
consisting mainly of fibers fibrous
nephr(o) kidney
pertaining to the abdomen and urinary bladder abdomincystic
pertains to the rectum and the urehtra rectourethral
the cavity in the kidney that collects urine from many collecting ducts is renal pelvis
tube that carries urine to the bladder urethra
filtering structure of the kidney glomerulus
exteral opening of the urethra is urinary meatus
an instrument that measures the specific gravity of urine` urinometer
albumin(o) albumin
glyc(o), glycos(o) sugar
ket(o),keton(o) ketone bodies
prote(o), protein(o) protein
noct(i),nyct(o) night
olig(o) few, scanty
sugar in the urine glycosuria
blood in the urine hematuria
protein in the urine proteinuria
the presence of ketones in the urine ketonuria
acidosis accompanied by an accumulation of ketones in the body and results from faulty carbohydrate metablolism ketoacidosis
an excessive number of white blood cells in the urine pyuria
obtained by placing a catheter into the bladder and withdrawing urine catherized urine specimen
information about the effectiveness of the bladder wall muscle cystometrography
used to evaluate the strength of the muscles used in voiding electromyography
is a radiography of the bladder cystography
ultrasonic scanning of the kidneys nephrosonography
absence of urination anuria
in ability to control urine urinary incontience
excessive urination at night nocturia, nycturia
enlargement of the kidney nephromegaly
toxic or destrctive to kidney cells nephrotoxic
freeing a kidney from adhesions, bands of scar tissue that bind surfaces together that are normally separate. nephrolysis
abnormal softening of the kidney nephromalacia
any growth or mass protruding from a mucous membrane polyp
urethral hemorrhage urethrorrhagia
discharge from the urethra urethrorrhea
a decrease in the force of the urine stream hesitancy
incomplete emptying of the bladder urinary retention
inflammation of the urethra and bladder urethrocystitis
inflammation of a ureter, renal pelvis, and the kidney uretropyleonephritis
inflammation of the kidney nephritis
any disease of the glomeruli glomerulopathy
an abnormal condition of the kidney characterized by marked proteinuria and edema nephrotic syndrome
any disase of the kidneys resulting from diabetes mellitus diabetic nephropathy
excessive glucose in the blood hypergylcemia
detention of the renal pelvis and kidney by urine that cannot flow past an obstruction in a ureter hydronephrosis
a condition marked by the presence of kidney stones nephrolithiasis
is hardening of the small arteries of the kidney and results in decreased blood flow and eventually necrosis of kidney cells nephrosclerosis
enlargement of both kidneys bilateral nephromegaly
softening of the kidneys nephromalacia
means dialysis of the blood hemodialysis
means surgical excision of the kidney nephrectomy
excision of the bladder cystectomy
formation of a new opening through which a ureter empties ureterostomy
surgical connection of one ureter to another transureteroureterostomy
a surgical procedure in which the skin is punctured so that a catheter can be inserted into the renal pelvis for the purpose of drainage percutaneous nephrostomy
surgical crushing of a stone lithotripsy
removal of renal calculi nephrolithotomy
surgical removal of a stone from the renal pelvis pyelolithotomy
surgical removal of a stone or stones from the ureter and the bladder cystolithotomy
surgical excision of the thrombus thrombectomy
surgical transplantation of the ureter to a different site on the bladder ureterocystoneostomy
surgical repair of the ureter ureteroplasty
formation of new opening in the bladder cystostomy
surgical fixation of the kidney nephropexy
drugs to prevent muscle spasms antispasmodics
ADH antidiuretic hormone
ARF acute renal failure
BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia
bun blood urea nitrogen
crf chronic renal failure
emg electromyography
gfr glomerular filtration rate
gu genitourinary
i & o intake and output
iv intravenous
ivp intravenous pyelogram
kub kidneys, ureters, and bladder
ph potential of hydrogen
psa prostate-specific antigen
tur transurethral resection
turp transurethral resection of the prostate
vcug voiding cystourethrogram
vd veneral disease
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