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Ch 11 Urinary System


...the filtering structure of the kidney glomerulus
excision of a renal calculus from the pelvis of the kidney pylelolithotomy
means the same as nephromegaly renal enlargement
making radiographic images of the urinary system after the urine has been renered opaque by a contrast medium intravenous pylography
is indicated if the blood urea nitrogen is elevated renal failure
inability to control urine incontinece
excretion of an abnoramlly large quanity or urine polyuria
toxic condition of the body that occurs when the kidneys fail to function properly uremia
means distension of a ureter with urine or watery fluid hydroureter
partial of complete blocking of a blood vessel stenosis
inflammation of the kidney and renal pelvis pyelonephritis
any disease of the urinary tract uropathy
between the kidneys interrenal
blood in the urine hematuria
herniation of the urethra urethrocele
inflammation of the renal glomeruli glomrulonephritis
inflammation fo the renal pelvis pyelitis
kidney dialysis hemodialysis
outside the urinary bladder extracystic
radiography of the bladder cystography
surgical crushing of a stone lithotripsy
painful urination dysuria
BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia
KUB kidney, ureter and bladder
IV intravenous
UT urinary tract infection
UA urinalysis
WNL within normal limits
TURP transurethral resection of the prostate
ARF acute renal failure
EMG electromyography
BUN blood urea nitrogen
ESWL extracorpreal shock wave lithotripsy
cystourethography procedure
diuretics therapy
genitourinary anatomy
glycosuria pathology
hemodialysis therapy
nephtectomy surgery
nephrosclerosis pathology
tubule anatomy
ureterocele pathology
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