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HESI Vocab

Ongoing Continuous
Distended enlarged or expanded from pressure
triage process used to determine the priority of treatment for patients according to the severity of a patient's condition and likelihood of benefit from the treatment
pathogenic causing or able to cause a disease
pathology processes, causes, and effects of a disease, abnormality
posterior located behind, in the back
potent producing a strong effect
potential capable of occurring or likely to occur
precaution preventive measure
precipitous rapid, uncontrolled
predisposed to make more susceptible or more likely to occur
ubiquitous being or seeming to be everywhere at once
vascular of or relating to blood vessels
virulent extremely harmful and severe
virus microscopic infectious agent capable
vital essential
retain to hold or keep
serene calm, tranquil
status condition
hematologic of or relating to blood
hydration maintenance of body fluid balance
hygiene measures contributing to cleanliness and good health
impaired diminished or lacking some usual quality or level
intact in place, unharmed
gastrointestinal related to stomach and intestine
invasive inserting or entering into a body part
kinetic of or related to movement
labile changing rapidly and often
latent present but not active or visible
lateral on the side
lethargic difficult to arouse
manifestation an indication or sign of a condition
neuromuscular of or relating to the nervous system and blood vessels
insidious so gradual as to not become apparent for a long time
trauma injury, wound
patent open
parameter a characteristic or constant factor
equilibrium balance
expand to inc in size or amt
exposure to come in contact
extension lengthening; unbending a joint
external located outside the body
fatal resulting in death
fatigue extreme tiredness, exhaustion
initiate to begin or put into practice
incidence occurence
otic of the ear
infer to conclude or deduce
inflamed reddened, swollen, warm, and often tender
distal distant, away from center
occluded closed or obstructed
nutrient substance or ingredient that provides nourishment
contraindication a reason something is not advisable or shouldn't be done
etiology the origin or cause of a disease or condition
flexion bending a joint
flushed reddened or ruddy appearance
infection contamination or invasion of body tissue by pathogenic organisms
empathy ability to share what others are feeling; understanding the feelings of another
sublingual under the tongue
laceration cut, tear
dysfunction impaired or abnormal functioning
impending occurring in the near future, art to happen
imply to suggest w/o explicitly stating
exacerbate to make worse or more severe
adverse undesired, possibly harmful
symptom an indication of a problem
syndrome group of symptoms, when occurring together, reflect specific disease
therapeutic of or relating to treatment of a disease or disorder
transmission transfer, such as of a disease, from one person to anohter
transdermal crossing through the skin
prognosis the anticipated or expected course or outcome
volume amt of space occupied by a fluid
supplement to take in addition to or to complete
suppress to stop or subdue
discrete distinct, seperate
ingest to swallow for digestion
impervious impenetrable, not allowing anything to pass through
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