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Flavin AP106 Repro

Ch 23 Reproductive 2017

____sex cells that fuse at fertilization to form a one-celled zygote Gametes
______gamete from the male parent Sperm
_____gamete from the female parent Ovum
Ability to reproduce begins at ___________ puberty
The location of the testes would be where? In the scrotum outside of the body. Temperature is key for sperm count.
______________is process of sperm production Spermatogenesis
______________provide energy for movement> (part of the sperm) Mitochondria
_________________“masculinizes” and promotes development of male accessory organs Testosterone
Stimulates protein anabolism _______________________(what steroid) and development of muscle strength. anabolic steroid
_____________ receives sperm from the epididymis and transports them from scrotal sac through the abdominal cavity. Vas (Ductus) Deferens
Semen (seminal fluid): mixture of sperm and secretions of accessory sex glands, Averages _____ per ejaculation 3 to 5 ml
Each ejaculation is approx. __________________ 20 million to 100 million sperm
Describe the prostate gland: Shaped like a doughnut and located below bladder
Penis and scrotum are called: genitalia
The distal end of penis is covered by: foreskin (prepuce)
Surgical removal of foreskin called: circumcision
Skin-covered pouch suspended from groin, divided into two sacs by a septum is called: ___________ Each sac contains a testis, epididymis, part of vas deferens, and beginning of spermatic cords scrotum
____ low sperm production Oligospermia
_________ undescended testes Cryptorchidism
_____ cancer is the most common in males ages 15 to 30 Testicular
__________enlargement of prostate common in older men Benign prostatic hypertrophy
Prostate CA in men over 50 is the leading cause of cancer
ED means: Erectile Dysfunction
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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