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Chapter 15 Terms

Absolutism and Constitutionalism

Little Ice Age Late sixteenth century, average temperature fell and harvests failed, causing famine. Caused witchcraft craze
Holy Roman Empire Gathering of territories in central Europe that was together until 1806
Peace of Westphalia (1648) Resolution to the Thirty Years' War, separated religion and politics, drew borders
Military Revolution Military changes from 1560 to 1660, began with Gustavus Adolphus (king of Sweden)
Absolutism Sovereign power/Ultimate authority of the state lays with the monarch who claims to rule by divine right
Louis XIV Absolutist king of France that kept nobles in Versailles and was in constant war
Jean-Baptiste Colbert Financial adviser to King Louis XIV, practiced mercantilism in France
Prussia A state that used to contain parts of Poland, Germany, and Lithuania. Became a prominent absolutist monarchy
Habsburgs Family that used to hold the title of Holy Roman Emperor. After 30 years', lost German empire and established Austrian empire
Peter the Great Russian absolutist monarch that worked to westernize Russia by introducing western ideas
Ottoman Empire Empire that was in modern day Turkey and Northern Africa. Tried to take over the Balkans during this age
Battle of Vienna (1683) Ottoman siege of Vienna repulsed by Europeans and pushed out of Austria
English Civil War
Glorious Revolution
John Locke
Dutch Realism
Created by: Alex_Hayes