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Navy Terminology

ADRIFT Loose from moorings and out of control (applied to anything lost, out of hand, or left lying about)
AFT-END Near or toward the stern of the vessel
ALL HANDS The entire ship's company, both Officer and Enlisted
ALLOTMENT An amount of money a member has coming out of his regular pay
AYE-AYE Reply to an order or command meaning "I understand and will comply"
BARRACKS Building where Sailors live
Below Downstairs
BRIGHTWORK Brass or shiny metal kept polished rather than painted
BUOY An anchored float used as an aid to navigation or to mark the location of an object
CARRY ON An order to resume work or duties
CAST OFF To throw off; to let go; to unfurl
CHAIN LOCKER Compartment in which anchor chain is stowed
CHIT, CHIT BOOK Coupon or receipt book
CHOW HALL (MESS DECK) Place to eat
COLORS Raising or lowering of a national flag, Ceremonies held at 0800 and sunset for hoisting and hauling down the National Ensign
DEEP SIX To dispose of by throwing over the side
ENSIGN National flag; Commissioned Officer between the rank of Chief Warrant Officer and Lieutenant Junior Grade
FAST Snugly secured
FATHOM A unit of length (equal to 6 feet) used for measuring the depth of water
Created by: FS-Wilson