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HIS101 Timeline #1

Timeline of europe's middle ages events.

Reign of Diocletian 284-305
Reign of Constantine 306-337
The Council of Nicea 313
The Spread of Christianity 400-800
The Fall of Rome 476
Life of Muhammad 570-632
The Muslims Conquer Spain 711
Reign of Charlemagne 768-814
The Raids of the Vikings 800-900
Treaty of Verdun 843
Vladimir converts of Christianity (Russia) 987
William the Conqueror (England) 1066-1087
The Song of Roland 1100
Establishment of Portugal 1139
The building of Saint-Denis (1st Gothic Church) 1140- 1150
The First Crusade 1144
University of Paris recognized 1200
Fourth Crusade- Constantinople 1204
The Magna Carta 1215
The Life of Thomas Aquinas 1225-1274
Surrender of Acre- no more Christmas in the Holy Land 1291
Created by: jhunter3423