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Football Terms

this is american football not soccer.

The line of scrimmaged an imaginary line between two teams at the beginning of the play
Offsides when a player is on the opposite of the line scrimmaged.
Fumble when the person occupying the ball drops it before being tackled
Endzone the end of the playing field on each end of the field
Touchdown Scoring a point on offense.
Sack when the q.b is tackled behind the line of scrimmaged before he/she could throw the football.
Safety The ball carrier is tackled or forced out of bounds in his own end zone
Stiff Arm When the ball carrier straightens out his arm to block the opponent from tackling them.
Hitstick When a defender runs into you and knock you down hard.
Hail Mary When all the recievers run a fly route. Usually used to score a touchdown before the game ends.
Wide Reciever an offensive player who is positioned at a distance from the end and is used primarily as a pass receiver.
Quarterback a player positioned behind the center who directs a team's offensive play.
Interception When the ball is accidentally passed to the opposing team.
Pick 6 When the ball is intercepted and gets a touchdown in one play
Cornerback a defensive back positioned to the outside of the linebackers.
Truck When an offensive player knocks you off your feet using sheer force from their shoulder.
Touchback When the ball is out of bounds in the opposing teams endzone. Usually happens during kickoffs but can also happen on fumbles.
Flag When an offensive or defensive player receives a penalty usually leaving the team with the ball with a gain or loss in yards.
Created by: AnhTran_6th
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