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Ch. 23 Sec 1,2,3,4,5

Chap. 23 Sec 1,2,3,4,5

Why were the members of the Third Estate dissatisfied with life under the Old Regime? (Sec. 1) The members of the Third Estate had little political power.
How did Louis XVI weak leadership contribute to the growing crisis in France? (Sec. 1 ) Louis XVI let political problems and mounting debt get really bad for his country.
How did the purpose of the meeting the Estates-General in 1789 change? (Sec. 1) It changed from a debate on new taxes to an effort to reform the entire political system of France.
Did you think that changes in the French Government were inevitable ? Explain. (Sec .1 ) Yes - economic conditions were bad and Enlightenment ideas were powerful and brought about change in thinking. No - better leadership and sharing power could have kept the peace.
Why do you think some members of the First and Second Estates joined the National Assembly and worked to reform the government? (Sec 1 ) The members of the First and Second Estates hoped to avoid radical steps; they genuinely sympathized with the problems of the Third Estate.
What major reforms did the National Assembly introduce? (Sec. 2) The National assembly issued the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen and reformed the Church.
What did the divisions in the Legislative Assembly say about the differences in French Society? (Sec. 2) The political changes did not wipe out the deep divisions of the Old Regime.
How did the Reign of Terror end? (Sec. 2) Fearing for their safety, leaders turned on Robespierre.
What factors led to Robespierre becoming a dictator? (Sec. 2 ) The factors were war, economic problems, debt and high taxes, struggling political factions, and Robespierre's strong personality.
How did the slogan "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" sum up the goals of the Revolution? (Sec. 2) The Slogan sums up the goals of the French Revolution; the desire for freedom from old class structures, equal rights for all citizens, and unity among French people.
By placing the crown on his own head, What did Napoleon imply that he was? (Sec. 3) He implied that he was more powerful than the Church.
What was the Napoleonic Code? (Sec. 3) Comprehensive system of laws that Napoleon thought was his greatest work
What did Napoleon try not to do? (Sec. 3 ) He tried not to revert the nation back to Louis XVI days.
What did the people favor that gave all the power to Napoleon? (Sec. 3) People voted in favor of a new constituion
What did Napoleon keep? (Sec.3) Napoleon kept many changes from Revolution and supported laws that would strengthen central government.
How did Great Britain combat Napoleon's naval blockade? (Sec.4) Great Britain supported smugglers who broke the blockade and established a blockade of its own - more effective than that of the French - stronger navy that was able to make blockade work.
Why did Napoleon have trouble fighting the enemy forces in the Peninsula War? (Sec.4) The Spanish used guerrilla tactics, ambushing the French and disappearing.
Why was Napoleon's delay of the retreat from Moscow such a great blunder? (Sec.4) If the retreat had begun in September, the Grand Army might have exited Russia by early winter.
Why did people in other European countries resist Napoleon's efforts to build an empire? (Sec.4) Nationalism - People wanted their own leaders from their own countries not French rulers.
Do you think that Napoleon was a great leader? Explain. (Sec.4) Yes - Initially he restored stability to France.
What was the Balance of Power? (Sec. 5) a political situation in which no one nation is powerful enough to pose a threat to others.
What was legitimacy? (Sec. 5 ) the hereditary right of a monarch to rule.
What was the Concert of Europe? (Sec. 5) a series of alliances among European nations in the 19th century, devised by Prince Klemens von Metternich to prevent the outbreak of revolutions. Setting the Stage
What was the Congress of Vienna? (Sec.5) a series of meetings in 1814–1815, during which the European leaders sought to establish long-lasting peace and security after the defeat of Napoleon.
What would the nationalistic feelings do once they began to build up? (Sec. 5) explode into revolutions
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