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AP - Nutrition

Ch. 18 - Hole's Human AP

What metabolic pathway builds up? anabolic
What metabolic pathway breaks down molecules? catabolic
Why are amino acids considered essential nutrients? cannot be synthesized by body
Glycogen is what type of complex CH2O? polysaccharides
What makes up lactose? galactose and glucose = disaccharide
What makes up sucrose? glucose and fructose
What are examples of sucrose? cane and beet sugar, invert sugar in candy ad honey
What makes up maltose? glucose+glucose
Uses of CH2O? 1) oxidized for an energy source 2) stored as glycogen in liver 3) cellulose used as digestive bulk
What comprises triglycerides? 3 fatty acids + glycerol
The liver uses what to produce bile salts? cholesterol
What organ controls circulation of fats by producing lipoproteins? liver
The liver cannot synthesize what fatty acid? linoleic acid
What organ synthesizes cholesterol for use in cell parts and steroid hormones? liver
Where are triglycerides stored? adipose tissue
What deposit in blood vessels may cause HTN? adipose
What releases fatty acids and glycerol into the blood? adipose tissue
Fats should be what percentage of daily calories? 30%
What two AA are essential in growing children? ARG and HIS
Created by: spham