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Ancient Egypt

Pharaoh Egyptian monarch (king/queen)
Barter trade, typically conducted without use of a standardized currency
Menes Part of one of the earliest dynasties (dynasty=ruling family) *united Upper & Lower Egypt
Theocracy *Same person in charge of government (politics) is religious leader
Polytheism *belief in many gods (poly=many)
Pyramids Pharaoh’s tomb inside of these triangular-prism shaped structures
Nile River & Silt & Form *Nile one of the only rivers to flow NORTHward *silt=fine dirt that made land fertile for farming *Egyptians depended on yearly flooding to support farming
Upper and Lower Egypt *Upper=Southern Egypt *Lower=Northern Egypt * “upper” and “lower” determined by the northward flow of Nile
Rosetta Stone *Stone with story in 3 languages: historians used the languages they already knew to decode the hieroglyphics
Hieroglyphics *Ancient Egyptian writing system (similar to cuneiform)
Re (Ra) *Egyptian sun god *considered to be one of the most important gods
Ka Someone’s spirit (similar concept to soul)
Irrigation irrigation is a term that includes solutions/innovations for moving water from it’s source to where it’s wanted
shaduf *irrigation ditch with bucket for collecting water
Natural barriers physical features that provide protection *examples: deserts, seas, rivers, cataracts
Mummification Preserve dead body - use embalming
Reading a timeline *BC/BCE - looks like years moving in reverse order *AD/CE - years that count “forward”; We are currently in year 2017 CE.
Relative location Where something is in relation to something else *Ex: Durham is North of Raleigh.
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