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Atrovent also known as Ipratropium
Mechanism of action Inhibits interaction of acetylcholine at the muscarinic receptor sites of bronchial smooth muscle = decreased cyclic guanosine monophosphate and bronchodilation
Mechanism of action Leads to increased airflow to the lungs by reducing broonchospasm or narrowing airways in the lungs
Indications 1. persistent bronchospasm 2.COPD exacerbation- chronic bronchitis / Emphysema
Contraindications Hypersensitivity to atrovent/atropine/alkaloids / peanuts (with MDI)
Precautions that you must ensure that physician knows if patient suffers from a. Narrow angle acute glaucoma b. Enlarged prostate / bladder obstruction /urinary problems
How supplied - Aerosol 18mcg / actuation
How supplied - Nebulized 500mcg /mL of a 0.2% solution
Administration Hand held nebulizer
Dosage adult 250-500 mcg via inhalation - every 20 minutes - up to 3 times
Dosage pediatric 250-500 mcg via inhalation - every 20 minutes - up to 3 times
Side effects CNS Headache - C , Dizziness - C , Nervousness , Fatigue , Blurred vision Eye pain Halos around lights -LT
Side effects CV Tachycardia , palpitations , MI -LT
Side effects GI Decreased urination , Pain or burning with urination -LT, Oliguria-LT , Bloody or cloudy urine -LT
Side Effects GU Dry mouth - C , Nausea-C , vomiting , distress, constipation
Side effects Respiratory Cough-C, Dyspnea , Exacerbation COPD-LT, Bronchospasms-LT
Side effects Skin Flushing , Hives , Swelling - face / tongue /lips / throat -LT , Hoarse voice-LT
Created by: bandam17