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1. Payment by check provides a permanent document for proof of payment and tax purposes.
2. You should arrive for a job interview before the scheduled time.
3. Steps for identifying an ICD-10-CM code is to locate the main term, identify the preliminary code and then read the subterms and modifiers.
4. All patients have the right to be seen by their doctor.
5. Procedure coding is the act of assigning numbers to the procedures and services performed.
6. Responsibilities of a medical receptionist include checking in patients, greeting patients, handling incoming calls, keeping the reception area clean, helping patients fill out paperwork, updating patient demographics, pulling charts for the next day,
7. Preauthorization is the act of contacting the patient’s insurance carrier to obtain permission to diagnose and treat, then bill and collect payment.
8. Telephone directory, aka telephone book.
9. Advantages of electronic claims: quickly correcting errors, processing faster with fewer errors, and payments are processed quickly.
10. Parentheses indicate nonessential modifiers that describe variations of a term.
11. CPT is a listing of five-character alphanumeric codes used to report outpatient medical services.
12. Version 5010 is the set standard used for all health care transactions.
13. Subterms are words indented two spaces under the main term that describes variations of the condition.
14. Firm grip, shake twice, and release when shaking hands.
15. Each Category II code consists of 4 numbers, followed by the letter F.
16. The AAMA developed DACUM (developing a curriculum) to define areas of instruction for medical assistants.
17. Changing a password every 60 to 90 is recommended in a medical office.
18. You cannot change the content of the medical report when editing for errors.
19. Technical safeguards are protections to prevent unauthorized access over networks.
20. When dealing with a difficult patient on the telephone, the best approach is to be kind.
21. Education/ training programs available for medical assistants: diploma, degree, and certificate.
22. Category I codes describe services approved by the FDA.
23. Memos are written using a shortened format.
24. Questions related to a bill should be directed to the billing department.
25. Listening to the patient’s information and requests will help determine what type of appointment is needed.
26. Guidelines for proofreading documents: check for missing or repeated words, check for grammar and spelling, and proofread twice.
27. A simplified letter style format is spaced with all lines flush to the left margin.
28. The CMS website offers consumers and patients with necessary information to report and identify fraud.
29. Direct distance dialing (DDD) is the most common way of making a long-distance call.
30. CPT appendix G provides a list of codes with moderate sedation.
31. Outside invaders that access confidential information include virus, hacker, and cracker.
32. Category II codes are optional codes used to collect and track data for performance measurement.
33. Fee-based reimbursement determines insurance payment in relation to the provider’s fee schedule.
34. A list of diagnoses and symptoms will be available from an HER drop down menu.
35. Most common forms of fraud include billing insurance for services not provided, misrepresenting diagnosis, and receiving a kickback.
36. It’s preferable that one person be responsible for bank deposits.
37. Components of resource based relative value scale (RBRVS): national uniform conversion factor (CF), national relative value unit (RVU), and geographic adjustment factor (GAF).
38. Expected benefits of ICD-10-CM include detailed codes, more consistent coding system, and saving time and money in the long run.
39. Risk based reimbursement are methods in which the provider shares responsibility for minimizing costs.
40. Wave scheduling is to begin and each hour on time.
41. Steps for making a referral using an EHR: schedule appointment electronically, consulting physician uses EHR to review medical history and enters finding and summary into EHR after appointment.
42. A collect call is a method of long distance calling, reversing the charges from the caller to the person receiving the call.
43. Files are archived by placing the appointment book in a storage container and keeping for several years.
44. Variations of scheduling appointments: specified time, wave and modified wave, and open hours.
45. Filing patient records is an administrative responsibility of a medical assistant.
46. Standard information of a check includes sequential number, name of bank, and ABA number.
47. The ICD-10-CM coding manual contains 70,000 codes.
48. During work hours, forego items such as colored hair and nose rings.
49. Certified EHR technology ensures that purchasers will have use features that meet meaningful use criteria.
50. The signature line is typed fours lines below the complimentary close and contains the name and title of the writer.
51. A noun is a person, place or thing.
52. Today’s medical offices use computers, laptops, notebooks, and tablets.
53. Deposits can be made into a savings account to cover checks written on the account and will have a greater interest return than a checking account.
54. NEC signifies that a medical record contains additional details but there is no more specific code available for use.
55. Embezzlement occurs when having large amounts of cash in an office
56. When applying for a job, an MA should wear a suit and tie.
57. HIPAA mandates the approved code sets for all covered entities that handle claims related to services.
58. Automobile insurance is the most common form of property and casualty insurance.
59. Computers enhance quality, eliminate duplication of work, and decrease errors.
60. An adjective modifies a noun or pronoun and usually specifies which one, what kind, or how many.
61. Ways to submit an electronic claim include directly to the carrier, through a clearinghouse, or through a bill service.
62. Medical coding is the process of assigning alphanumeric characters that represent diagnosis and service.
63. ROM refers to read-only memory.
64. The tabular list in CPT is divided into category I, II, and III.
65. Only accepted medical abbreviations can be used in medical reports and when filing insurance documents.
66. The appointment is a legal document that records the physician’s day.
67. Items available in a reception area: magazines, brochures, and patient education documents.
68. The spell check option is not always correct and can sometimes be wrong.
69. The receptionist is often the person in charge of accepting payments.
70. An error within the EHR is corrected by marking the erroneous information for deletion and entering the new information.
71. The ABA number is always located in the lower left corner of a printed check.
72. The medical assistant always works as an agent of the physician.
73. The Joint Commission released a list of unapproved abbreviations.
74. Best practice for job interviews is to prepare several questions specific to the company offering the job.
75. If the physician is not present during a medical emergency, you should have a policy in place on how to handle emergency calls.
76. The physician must sign off an all prescription refill requests.
77. The receptionist is responsible for taking care of copiers, printers, and computers.
78. Characteristics of a good medical assistant includes discretion, confidentiality, and integrity.
79. Bank drafts are checks that are drawn up by a bank against money that is deposited to its account in another bank.
80. A physician will save time using an EHR and will be able to spend more time on patient care.
81. A clinical responsibility of an MA is giving injections, obtaining vital signs, obtaining medical history, performing ECG’s and cleaning and sterilizing equipment.
82. Backup involves copying files from the computer to an external medium.
83. Patient status refers to whether a patient is a new or established patient.
84. A medical assistant can send information about a patient to the insurance company by using the EHR system.
85. As computers have evolved, the size, processing capacity, and processing speed have changed.
86. A medical assistant can use discretion to convey patient confidentiality.
87. Benefits of an electronic medical record include receiving information quickly, electronic signatures can be used, and costly errors can be avoided.
88. Alerts sent to other staff members should always be professional.
89. The write-it-once system is based on the use of a check with a carbon strip that allows a record to be kept.
90. Companies establish compliance programs to actively inform employees about regulations and education.
91. When taking a phone call, you should find out the patients name and number in case you are disconnected.
92. Types of transaction accounts include equity, asset, and liability
93. Errors in the patients EHR should be corrected as soon as possible.
94. Historically, medical assistants were trained on the job by a physician.
95. All blocking and scheduling should be done in pencil.
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