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Chapter 22

What is the Geocentric Theory? Belief that the earth was an immovable object located at the center of the universe and that planets, moon, and the sun, all moved in perfect circular paths around the earth, Aristotle invented it
What is the Heliocentric Theory? Idea that the Earth and the other planets revolve around the Sun
What is the Enlightenment? Not only did new ways of thinking apply to science, but were also applied to all aspects of society Government,Religion, Economics, Education
Who is Mary Wollstonecraft? Argued that women’s education should not be secondary to men’s and that women need to have an education to become more virtuous and useful
Who is Montesquieu? believed Britain was best-governed and helped influence creation of US government
What is the Scientific Revolution? Major change in the European -Started around mid 1500’s -Study of the natural world began to characterized by careful observation and the questioning of accepted beliefs
Who is Galileo? Studied the heavens -Observed that Jupiter had 4 moons the surface of the moon was uneven, and the sun had dark spots -Disproved Aristotle’s theory that moon and stars were made of a pure perfect substance
What is a Salon? Wealthy women in Paris hosted regular social gatherings where philosophers, writers, artists, scientists, and other intellectuals met to discuss ideas of the day
Who is Voltaire? Voltaire was the most brilliant and influential of the philosophies -He used satire against the clergy, aristocracy, and government
What are Locke's view on government? More positive view than Hobbes -People could earn from experiences and improve themselves -All people are born free and equal with 3 natural rights -Life -Liberty -Property
What are Hobbes's view on government? All humans are naturally selfish and wicked and we a strong ruler to govern -Hobbes called for a social contract -A government where people agreed to give total control to a monarch because people acted in their own self interest
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